got a guy claiming to be a para

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Oct 5, 2005.

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  1. hi
    got a guy coming into my unit and says he has been in the Para, not a problem in that.

    now here the thing he say he was in 10 para.

    now to my knowledge there is 1,2,3 and 4 (TA) para.

    i have heard of 9 squadron , pathfinders etc

    is there a unit in the Para regiment with 10 designation ?
    could he be legit or a walt ?
  2. There were several TA para units 4,10 15 para all algemated into 4 Para in the latest defence cuts
    10 para was a london based unti with its HQ at the duke of yorks in Chelsea
  3. 10 Para is/was a TA battalion based in the South if memory serves.
  4. Was based in Hounslow too, strangely Lewis Collins (The Professionals) was in it once.
    Now long gone, interesting to find out when he left, when (if) he did any jumps.
    What unit you in? PM me if you like
  5. Yep, 10 Para was the London based Bn, based in White City IIRC. DZ flash was a red X on a black square. They got cut up badly to become 10 Coy of 4 Para, and they lost a lot of good lads because of it. What's left of them still are a good bunch, mind.
  6. Yeah what ever did happen to Lewis Collins?? he was top banana as Capt Scallon in the 80's classic 'Who Dares Wins' - seem to remember a part in the movie where him and a few other blokes give a spam and a boxhead a good shoe-ing during an E&E exercise - quality
  7. Let's not forget the Company of X Para at Croydon. Some real characters there in the early 90s.
  8. Mortar platoon are based in Croydon and the rest of 10 Coy in White city, part of the larger 4 Para. Prior to SDR, 10 Para was over recruited and in its infinite wisdom the Army binned the battalion in favour of one national battalion headquartered in Pudsey.

    10 Para were in fact an excellent battalion, many of the guys had to drop down a rank if they wanted to stay in the new 10 Company. Many were discharged by a letter dropped through the mail box. Mortars based in Croydon are an excellent unit, it is not uncommon for them to win competitions with their regular counterparts both on load carrys and on the Mortar line.

    Lewis Collins tried P Coy and failed, at least he tried, you wouldnt see Jude Law or any of the other bunch of woofters trying it.
  9. Mitcham Road Barracks in Croydon still has the sign by the gate advertising '10 Para', at least it did when I went past there last week.
  10. And long may it remain. A very good Battalion, hopefully one day to return.
  11. Best part of that movie was a 'how it was made' program some year later, had to laugh at some of the known brit actors winging about the downblast of the helo's that blew thier hats (and wigs) off and could the director do something about it, but the ultimate was Edward Woodward (who played Callan for those who remember it) had an ND with a MP5 as he was trying to do a make safe..classic, just as well it was a blank round. He thought it was funny! Actors huh.

    Someone told me once that Lewis Collins tried and failed to get into 23 SAS, at the time he was to well known, so it was a non starter.

    If you need to know what hes doing now:
  12. Thanks eye, excellent find mate. I'm off now to polish my capri.
  13. I think you may find he passed, when he was on "This is your life" they mentioned the TA Para connection and showed a pic of him in full jump rig, unless he was walting

    As to the SAS(v) connection, I heard a similar story that he passed but was refused due to his "fame"
  14. wellyhead wrote:

    The version I heard was he failed to get into SAS(V) for whatever reason and was then fceked off at the high port by the TA Paras when he tried to go back for lack of loyalty to the Maroon Machine.

    As I got this from the horse's mouth while jumping out of a plane with him I suspect this may be pukka gen. even though it was someone else on the DZ who told me who he was (I was brought up without TV, so didn't know him from Adam)...