Got a Good "Grace", Anyone?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Tastytoggle, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. I've heard some wonderfully original versions of "Grace" spoken at Regimental Dinners, but I never wrote any down for prosterity and now I have to say Grace at a (civvy) function, myself. I'm after something a little more original than the norm. Can anyone help me out?
  2. Selkirk Grace? Rabbie Burns.
  3. Gentlemen

    To good wine, good meat, good god, lets eat.
  4. Bless us Lord, and bless our food,
    And keep us in our happy mood,
    Bless our wine, and those who serve us,
    And from tomorrow's hangover, may God preserve us!
  5. Very good! Thanks lads. Anymore, anyone?
  6. Selkirk grace is always a good one

    Some hae meat and cannae eat,
    And some wid eat that want it,
    But we hae meat,
    And we can eat,
    And say the lord be thankit.

    I think that is right from memory, you can google it, I'm too lazy to tonight.
  7. For what we are about to receive
    May the good Lord bless us
    And make us ever mindful
    Of the needs of others.
  8. My feet are flat
    my stomach's not
    so for the food
    Lord thanks a lot.
    If we were meant
    to fast and starve
    this roast would not
    be here to carve.
    But since it is
    what can it hurt
    to help myself
    and have dessert?
    The fatness of
    the earth is Thine;
    I pray to thin
    I can incline.
  9. msr

    msr LE

  10. For the regiment that brought us together,

    For the comradeship that binds us together,

    For the bread that we break together,

    And for the wine that we drink together

    We thank you thee our God,

  11. Jesus Christ, King Divine
    Who turned the water into wine,
    Lord, forgive us sinful men
    About to turn it back again.

  12. Many thanks, all. I can put something together with these ideas. Cheers.
  13. Lord, I'd thank you for this fcuking scran but have you seen the razzer,
    Jeezus christ, the big fat fcuk looks like a fcuking spazzer,
    And the PMC just licks his ass and hasn't got a life,
    And have you seen the guest of honour's totally gopping wife,
    In fact the whole top table are, a bunch of total gimps,
    Come to think of it everyone here bar me, look like fcuking chimps,
    So eat this nosebag, enjoy it all and I'll see you after in the bar,
    Where the bill for all the Port I'll get, would buy a goddamn car.

    AMEN :D :D
  14. Mr Vice at my last Regi dinner did it in Sanskrit, very different.