Got a drink problem? Sue the brewers!

500 million ... You could buy a lot of booze with that!
Which one do I sue?.Got started on Boddies (gone),followed by Thunderbird Red (American),moved onto Carlsberg Special Brew (Danish)...Instead of paying all those court costs I shall just accept my fate is self inflicted and carry on with my fave tipple QC Cream (1 ltr per day)...
I see your Native Americans and raise you Killer Whales, I want to see them in the dock answering questions. Would it be like Viz and Pathetic Sharks

Killer Whales Sue Seaworld
So what's new? The same thing happened with the smokers a while ago....big tobacco...big money for the lawyers. Someone's gotta pay for the lawyer's third holiday home and the fourth mistress.

God bless America!

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