Got a degree but crap A levels. Advice please!

Hi all

Like i say for my sins of sitting in the pub instead of sitting in class during my A levels i only come out with 120 ucas points, substiquently i worked hard and got me a 2.1 at degree and doing alright for my self.

I been told that i need 180 ucas points to become an officer so the question is 1) Tell them straight that ive not got the grades but do have a degree as i feel this shows i have the brain? 2) Do night school for more A levels? 3) I dont like it but could fake the certificates? or 4) Give up the dream?

Im 26 by the way so its been a few years since i done exams!

Enlist! We do all the real work. Seeing that you managed to wiggle your way through your exams, you now want to wiggle your way into a military career as well. Ain't gonna work, boy! All you can do is enlist and put in a real man's day of work.

A desk job and walting it up in the pub is also an option off course. Use Arrse to avoid the more obvious traps in that line of work.
So you got crappy A-levels.
Moved on to some, "Famous", College of Knowledge.
Copped a Degree (Hons I assume) in a "Challenging" subject.
All in your theme of following a line of least resistance?
Now want the Queen to "prove" you are a Gentleman?

Oh BTW, I thought the upper age limit for someone who wishes to pursue a commissioned career is 25. Have they raised that?
You'll need to join up soon-ish, there was a thread about age not too long ago in here, can't be arrsed to search for it, sorry.

Regarding A-Levels, should you pass AOSB you'll probably have to do the Pre-RMAS education course known as "Prams" that ex-rankers do. A mate in my Regiment was similar to you and went about it this way. From what I hear it's a good laugh with free trips to the West End and a night on the lash after.
As far as i know the age is 28.

Im loving the vote of confidence we are telling the kids that if you **** up dont bother carrying on with trying to better yourself and be all you can just quit and think what could of been! Nice.

Never wanted to bore the subject but also have a masters from a top ten university and been working in the middle east for the last year on one of the worlds biggest engineering jobs. My A levels were also crap large due to playing academy rugby for a top 5 side.

As for wanting the queen to "prove" im a gentlemen? Take the silver spoon from your arse mate.

Phil37 i have to agree that alot of degree aint worth the paper there on which leads to why the county is in such a state in my opinion.
phil37 said:
In the old days...On many occasions, after 3 years' hardwork, a reasonably intelligent student could leave without a qualification.
Entirely untrue. Even if you were bone idle for three years you could have scraped through with a third. Anybody who left with no degree was either as thick as p1gsh1t or didn't do a scrap of work and spent their entire course in the union bar.

Even in the Olden Days.
Talk to your Army Careers Advisor. He's seen this before, and can give you the up-to-date, gospel version. When I applied, with Irish qualifications I was told school qualifications didn't matter once you had a degree. Thats my experience, but it could have changed so speak to the guy.
Like Exwing said, you have to get the ball rolling mate. Get yourself in to see your ACA and try and get on a Briefing by the end of the year. I don't know what the numbers are like at the moment, so I'm speculating, but I wouldn't fancy anyone's chances of a 2010 intake if they haven't done Main Board by March.

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