Got a black sheep in the family? Checked old bailey records?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by predatorplus, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. Want to find out if you have scum in the family? Read about trials from 1674 to 1913. From theft to fraud, murder to treason.
    They are all here:

    Also able to see if your family where witnesses in cases.
    Why not post your findings on here?

    2470. MARIA S**** was indicted for stealing, on the 22nd of October, 1 coat, value 10s.; 1 waistcoat, value 2s.; 1 pair of trowsers, value 1s.; the goods of William H*****: and 1 yard of canvas, value 6d., the goods of Henry H*****.

    WILLIAM H***** . I live at Deptford. The prisoner was in my father's service—I missed a coat, waistcoat, and pair of trowsers from my cupboard—these are mine.

    JOHN E**** (police-constable R 120.) I took the prisoner's brother into custody with this bundle of things, on the 22nd of October—he told me where he got them—the prisoner was not present.

    EDWARD S**** . I am the prisoner's brother. This bundle was found on me—my sister gave it me to carry home to Limehouse-fields.

    WILLIAM H***** re-examined. She lived with us about twelve months. These are things I did not intend to wear again—I have been accustomed to give my old clothes to servants—we imagine she took them, supposing she might have them—we will take her again immediately.


    Not very interesting. But, lets see whats comes up.
  2. linky not working
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  3. The site is very slow and crashes quite a bit. Search old bailey in google. Or click the link and refresh untill it shows up.
  4. Interesting the amount of hits when you type in the word "witchcraft"

    Interesting that she was acquitted on grounds of lack of proof. I was always under the impression of the Monty Python version.. "She turned me into a newt!!"

    Guess they got better?

    Hell, half the army would have been executed...
  5. The site is slow because several million people are trying to get on it at the same time. It will speed up in a few weeks once the novelty wears off - top site though! Already found a seriously bad apple on my Dads side
  6. Not willing to share? How bad can it be?
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Never mind the ancestors daft enough to get nicked... Whats Variance and Emulations? I cannot go to meet my maker with the dreadful confession there are sins I have not tried.
  8. Sorry, no results were found for this query.

    Squeaky clean my family, But then again i only put country in keywords and surname in, any way i can find out what other info to add so i can get some dirt on my family.
  9. I just found a reference to a Thomas W*** who was hanged for running away from his colours i.e. Desertion. Here is his indictment from 16 Apr 1686:

    He was then sentenced to death on 1 Sep 1686.

    A tad harsh, considering he had just been paid and then, like most squaddies on pay day, probably went and p1ssed it up the wall.

    Thing is I found a later entry dated 5 years later for the same name from the same area, who was in court for stealing a silver cup. Same scallie who managed to escape the noose or a relative with the same name?

    Unlikely to be descended from these people, as most of my family is from God's Country, Yorkshire, but an interesting story non the less.

  10. According to the bible you won't meet your maker if you indulge in Variance and Emulations:


    I still dont know what they are, but if they are works of the flesh, they sound worth a try

    NO stop, sorry, had a little look:


    Enjoy them if you like, Duke ol' boy