Got 4K burning a hole in your pocket?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by stoatman, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. ... I'm sure they would do a gasless version for the UK.

    Meanwhile, if someone were to give me 4K right now I think I would buy one of these:

    Ralf Keidler - Keidler Selbstladegewehr KSL M1918

    if you are really wealthy, there is always the new FG 42 for a mere €5798: apparently it is such an accurate copy that it even exhibits the design flaws of the original such as the bayonet coming loose and not being able to stand it on the bipod on a slippery surface.
  2. There is an HBSA member with a straight-pull FG42. The only one that I have ever seen. He is even allowed to use in comps - "Spirit of the Original"
  3. In that case a straight pull BAR would be "classic". It would also be rather fun to shoot, being open bolt!
  4. The problem would be finding a 'new' one. Conversions are not allowed.
  5. No it wouldn't -- at 4K and an expected production of 50 units a year I reckon it will take one phone call, along the lines of: "hello Herr Hun, I'm in the UK and would like one of your jolly BAR things made without being drilled for gas because I live in a backwards country. Would you mind doing me one?"

    I would imagine that for the money we are talking the answer would be more along the lines of "Jawohl!" rather than "do one!"
  6. Seen that one. Very fine although a bit tricky to use I gather
  7. Not Izl, Hza - Willkommen

    Lots of lovely shooty things...