Got £90K spare

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spacehopper383, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. Have you got £90K spare then this might be for you.


    On a lighter note, was this your tank 07 FA 10?
  2. The inside of the turret is as complete as anyone could want, apart from the boiling vessel and the loaders seat it's all there

    they just lost a sale from most on arrse then!

    Is this one of the vehicles nicked by the pissed squaddy in Germany a few years back!? check for a kebab wrapper by the controls.
  3. No BV? It's VOR then in most peoples eyes.

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  4. It has Stillbrew (boom tish), I will get my overalls!
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  5. "Neither engine is smoky" That simply means that all the oil and coolant has leaked out and it's due to seize solid or explode in a shower of gears, pistons and conrods.
    A non smokey Chieftain? I've seen more hens teeth.
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  6. 90k for the tank. Another 180K for Power Packs when the engine self destructs every time you go further than the Wright Flier.
  7. And another GBP 1m for the environmental damage prosecution you will face every time it moves. BP are mere beginners when it comes to creating oil slicks!
  8. It's got a lot more buttons than Warrior. I want one.
  9. It's not a Chieftain without these.

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  10. I'm actually sorely tempted. I've just acquired a bit of land that could act as a playground. Trouble is, I know nothing about servicing and it's hardly a local garage drop in.
  11. Anywhere nice? I'll happily pretend to know something about engines in exchange for a sun-drenched lifestyle that revolves around alcohol and the unsupervised use of main battle tanks.
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  12. Has it gone as all I got was models ??
  13. 90K ????? way overpriced ..... often for sale at 25 - 30 K and fun for about 3 days then it will break .