Gossip mongers

Discussion in 'RAC' started by BagCharge, May 12, 2006.

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  1. bad day huh!
  2. Just be glad you didn't join 2 RTR then. Imagine what it would be like living in billets with them?
  3. I heard that 2rtr are all top blokes, except one guy who has no mates!
  4. Be nice if they started acting like top blokes on this site, or are we just getting their 'Elvises'?
  5. Well anyone can claim to be anything here, there is no hard evidence to support the spacers who say that they are 2RTR actually being 2RTR.

    Good unit at its heart.
  6. The other RTR guys know who's posting.
  7. I hate Squaddies they are worse than fOOking housewives and most Squaddies wife’s are well, lets not go there when it comes to gossip. Its human nature to pull the old chain, and talk about other people otherwise life would be less colourful. But the thing is, in such a close environment, they seem to forget how fast it will come back round and bite them in the arsse.

    And yes you very right when you say idle gossip wrecks lives. As most of it is un-founded and groundless and merely used to make a cup of coffee more interesting.

    On another subject, when is the 2nd moving to UK, anytime soon?
  9. Think that your right gossip, comes from both sides of the track and most is just peeps ear wiggin in on something that has nothing to do with them at all! although if your are who i think you are then you must admit that there are two places to spread a rumour, and thats the regie cafe or leave something on a photocopier and it will be round the whole regiment and a day! And you know that its a case of whispers as everyone ads there own little bits..........eh cant let truth stand in the way of a good rumour though can you?

    Still not sure why Gdav still has a problem with 2 RTR though must be an childhood thing!
  10. Regie cafe never been there !!! the place is quiet since I left !!