Gosport v Fareham

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by whitemouse75, Jun 27, 2006.

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  1. where's the best place to live??? quarters are few and far between portsmouth side apparently
  2. Neither when your a scummer like me, move to Southampton!!!!

    However I would rather Fareham over Gosport, What a shite hole Gosport is!!!
  3. Fareham has the best Italian Restaurant ever (Villa Roma) and a top notch bakery. I'd live there just for those, but then again I am a fat lad living in a skiny blokes body.
  4. so thats 2 for fareham!!
  5. Agreed, Soton is much better than Pompey
  6. well soton isnt a choice, hence the title!!
  7. However Fareham is prone to terrible traffic jams. Gosport!!!! what was you thinking you crazy man!! :D
  8. my experience of the area is 2 seperate days in gosport, and a few nites on the piss in southsea!

    traffic doesnt bother me, i'm on 2 wheels
  9. Gosport is a nightmare to get into and out of at rush hour - so if you end up working round in Portsmouth can add extra to your travel time. Also the quarter area in Gosport isn't that nice an area, know a few people who have had break ins and such like occurring.

  10. ok keep it coming, gosport's moving further down the list tho
  11. This is another vote for Fareham rather than Gosport.
    Fareham wins every time.
  12. Fareham most definitely. Complete nightmare getting in and out of Gosport when its busy (which seems to be most of the time!). Fareham is far more convenient for virtually everything - a major shopping centre, band new multi-screen cinema, large train and bus station, excellent access to the M27, and all with spitting distance of the open countryside (just over Portsdown Hill) and walks around Fareham Creek and the top end of Portsmouth Harbour.

    Cams Hill School also also has a good reputation.
  13. Having lived in Gosport for a few years now, ask for quarters out in Fareham. Better area, quieter unlike the quarters you will most likely get offered near or next to Rowner. However the waiting list for Fareham is some 8 months long, so ask now! Mind there is a decent road next to the Rowner estate which isn't too bad and no break ins, PM me if you want the name of the road and the decent area in fareham!
  14. whitemouse: When I put in my vote for Fareham rather than Gosport I should have added I now live in Southampton, and have known this area of Hampshire since the 1940's.
  15. gosport, more things to do, nicer people, betetr atmospshere. fareham is nice aswell though, but full of snobs