goshun medal ( spelling?)

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by d12gnr, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. has anyone seenor got a picture of this medal iknow a lot of gunners recieve it but i have never seen one.
  2. I didn't know it was a medal too.

    We had a Goschen parade in JLRRA (passing out) though ive no idea what a Goschen is/ was.

  3. For your information Goschen was in fact Captain John Goschen, MC, RHA who was killed in action at Tobruk in 1941. His father was General Goschen. If you follow the link below there is a copy of a Goschen Parade Programme for Summer 1980. Read the programme and you will see the history of John Goschen. My Goschen Parade was in December 1969.

  4. Thanks for the info
  5. cheers for that but would like to know what it looks like and the criteria for getting it
  6. hi i know two senior NCO's that were awarded the medal.
    But you don't wear it on your uniform. And it is presented down at woolwich (probably larkhill now) by the DRA CRA Master Gunner etc,

    it is awarded to a gunner of any rank (less officers) they have one similar) that the RA thinks that he/she has made the most contribution to the gunners over the year. this can be work on Ops, Sport, charity etc.

    hope this helps