Gosh, I'm in a good mood.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Dec 25, 2012.

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  1. Jingle Bells and all that.

    Anyone else for a bit of Slug Lurrve?

    Dickheads need not apply.
  2. Lets get down to it. I am full of beer and bonhomie and my Christmas sack has been well and truly emptied. It's Party Time!!
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  3. As is my sack, although I had a Christmas wank
  4. So did I but I used a couple of willing waitresses.
  5. Lucky bastard
  6. You just won't let it go will ya? And here's me at the moment like a fucking Jesuit Monk.......err maybe not the best analogy.

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  7. I haven't told anyone to "Fuck off" for ages.

    Why do people think they're funny, when they're not?

    I'm not fucking funny, I just talk a lot of shit that people laugh at because I am apparently amusing.

    I'm not. I watch Gilmore Girls and Deal or No Deal and Come Dine With Me.

    Oh, and my back reeeaaaaaaly hurts. That could have something to do with my grumpyness.
  8. That's really funny Sluggo. You probably need some internal back support, but I am fully booked until the middle of the New Year. Maybe you need to lay on a plank for a while.... Try chocolate frog, or one of the others.... ?
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  9. I haven't got a stick big enough for CF. I'd have a fucking good go though.

    Ho ho fucking ho.
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  10. I feel like the sober person who's just walked into a room full over pissheads.

    Will you lot fuck off with Christmas threads already and get in the fucking van. And no throwing up or it's fucking curtains for the lot of ya.
  11. Or what?
  12. Where are you going to find 10 men in a hurry?

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