Gortex waterproofs

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Rockhopperst4, Feb 4, 2007.

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  1. Got a sexy set of DPM gortex waterproofs issued yesterday. Now i've seen lots of people wearing them as an outer layer but would i be right in thinking that they should actually be worn under your normal smock? Also the label calls them an "Inner" and they don't have any pockets.
  2. Mmmm, whats the point of wearing them under though?
    Your kit would still get wet...
    Besides waterproofs are for poofs :D
  3. Why make them DPM if they are an undergarment? Never wore the trousers though.
  4. No.
  5. So how do you get to all the stuff in your smock pockets then? They would keep your base layer dry if worn underneath. Dunno why they would be dpm, just seems odd to issue an outer layer that has no pockets
  6. Agree with the pockets thing but it does save farting about when putting and taking off.

    Why this attitude that they are for wimps? Any fool can be wet and miserable after all...
  7. This thread has been done before..
  8. open the jacket :D plus on most there is a zip so you can get to your pockets without opening the jacket. You can also find some gortex jackets that have pockets and a rankslide.
    Agreed never wore the trousers either.
  9. They are for POL fellas. The jackets (and salopettes) do not create static electricity (the normal ones do) which allegedly causes fuel to go bang!

    I was under the impression the gortex top was to go under the field jacket, hence no rank slide. But I've also seen people wearing the fuelly ones instead of the normal ones :)
  10. I wish i had enough spare time to read every single post on the board. I'm not infantry so i don't look at the infantry section.
  11. Nice one, I aqquired one some time ago and stuffed it in the 'kit cupboard' :lol:
  12. I thought the idea was that as an inner you can still get to all the stuff in your pockets, the jacket dries fairly quickly, and it prevents the Gortex rustle, that recruits are so famous for.
  13. Rustling witterproofs!, an old wives tale. If the en can hear your gortex over the rain, there too dam close.

    Just wear them over the top and crack on. The reason they don't have pockets is probably more to do with budgets and cost, than owt else.
  14. pre goretex waterproofs could be heard 3 miles away to be fair though, may aswell have wrapped yourself in Walkers wrappers.