Gortex Pro Boots

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Hantslad, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. After 7 years my Gortex Pro Boots that I was issued for Bosnia have finally died.

    Does anyone know what the NSN for them are?

    Does anyone know if they are still issued?

    Does anyone know the chances of me being able to swap my dead ones for some new ones?
  2. They, or a version of them, are still on issue. They are classified as Cold Wet Weather Boots (CWW). Made by the same people who make the normal Combat Boots. Hopefully some kind spiritied person will supply the NSNs if not I will dig them out.

    If you want the same ones again make sure you get the correct CWW boots! There is now an alternative made by Prabos which some people refer to as the 'lowa lookalike'.

    You will only be able to get them exchanged if your current post \ unit is untitled to them; that's the official line. In reality if the QM\RQMS\Clothing Storeman is willing to do you a favour the demand will be satisfied.
  3. Last batch were crap the first version was better....the newest one is based on a Lowa design the Raf got it a while back...army is following soon :)
  4. Cheers guys
  5. The closest standard issue is Boot, cold weather which is Goretex and made by Vibram I believe. If you still need the NSN let me know what size you need.
  6. my bold. KM, what's the difference; is one type better? Mine have got an oval achilles panel on the back, a black and yellow gore-tex label inside and are a little narrow at the arch, so could be the Lowa looalike. Just curious whether the proverbial mate called Dave has fobbed me off or not :D
  7. For what they were designed to do, keep your toes warm and dry they are exactly the same. We buy kit now as a performance specification so if a manufacturer wants to put a boot forward that meets the spec we will look at it. The old days every stitch, panel and hole was specified by DC IPT; that produced standard kit but was slow and unresponsive to industry improvements.

    Any way back to the answer....if it looks like a combat assault boot but with softer leather, a gore liner and a thinsulate sock its the Pro boot look alike. If its very 'square', high leg with the Gore liner and thinsulate sock its a Probos boot.

    For most people it does not matter what boot you get apart from preference. For some the 'other' features of the boot are important. For example the Probos boot has stif sole unit. So we only issue the Pro-boot to Recruit units because their tender and baby like feet get blistered in the early days of training.

    To separate the different types out we had to trawl through thousands of locations at Bicester, we then marked up the Pro-boots as A2 stock. So if you get a Pro-boot that says its A2 its not, it was the only way of making sure that ITG got the softer boot.

    In the last month or so we have given the Prabos Boot (or the Pro boot I do not remember which) a unique NSN so we, and therefore your storemen, can identify and ask for one boot if required.

    Personally as the Prabos boot comes in full sizes and I am a 8.5 I always go with the Pro-boot...if I'm not mincing about in some trial boot.

    Boring fact No1: The first 'Pro-boots were bought for Bosnia and were made by UK Safety which promptly went out of business before resurfacing. The boot had a red liner that was full of nice water absorbing thermal protection. When it got wet it stayed wet. The latest boots have a grey liner and a thermal 'plastic' so it does not retain water but it has better thermal properties.

    Boring Fact No 2: The little gold 'Water proof' label hide the fact that the liner was a genuine Gore one. Rules about advertising brand names meant that officially they are not allowed. Troops complained the boot was crap. We manufactured the next batch but changes the 'waterproof' label for a 'Goretex' one. Users raved about the boot and said it was great...amazing what advertising does for the fashion conscious man about the battlefield.
  8. Not so....see other replies but its will be pot luck which boot you get depending on what's in stock, what we have most of, what's been earmarked with special codes etc. They were the same NSN but have now been sperated; that siad its possible that you might get a Pro-Boot in lieu of a Proabos boot or the othet way round. The only way to specify which boot you get is to put a good reason for one or the other in the special instructions box otherwise you might get either of the two.

    The 'first version' has not been bought for over 8 years.
  9. My my, KM, how encyclopaedic your knowledge is... :)
    Ta for that.