Gorilla Boxes

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by HairyCornflake, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get hold of a Gorilla box to take on tour. Somewhere in the south of England or online preferably.


  2. I've seen some serious travel boxs at a place called Solent plastics

    They have a walk round warehouse and they have ninja containers from salt and pepper pots up to giknockerpod armoured media travel boxes. lockable trunks, air tight jobs the lot

    I'm a bit sad I like containers

  3. Nice one.

    ...but 'ninja'?
  4. once you get out to the sandbox, the yank PX's stock them, thou they sell like hot cakes.
    all the British seem to but them!

    dont know why we arnt issued one of the wheeled versions to go on tour instead of another bladck deployment bag - would probably cost the MOD less!
    the wheeled gorilla box i got in the PX out here was i think $25!
  5. Great Link. Shame it doesn't answer the original question.

  6. I've not seen any for sale in the UK and buying them from the US would cost a fortune just now as they tend to be twice the price than that of aaffes PX/BX. As stated the best place to get them is in theatre, if your going to Afghan places like Bagram,Khandahar,Phoenix (Kabul). Or if you really, really want one that bad, drive to JHQ in Germany
  7. From memory, the AFEAS or whatever it is, will only deliver to US military post codes in the UK i.e. US bases. So unless you can arrange to get one there, the cost would be prohibitive. As suggested before, getting them on tour is the way to go.
  8. Whereabouts in southern uk are you? I've brought loads back from Afg - think I've got about 6 or so in the garage if you want one. PM me.

    Edited to add....

    The link posted above has the actual boxes they sell in the BX (the ones I have anyway). Third from the bottom.
  9. I've bought and used the US boxes (theres one of mine still sitting in BIAP with civvie helmet & armour in it...), but on my last trip I used a B&Q "Mastermate" wheeled box that they sell for about £20-30. The wheels and extendible drag handle make it a hell of a lot easier to move when its full of heavy objects (cough!) and you're staggering along under a bergan and all the other bits...

    B&Q box thingy
  10. Dont bother buying them if you are going to HERRICK, you will get them issued to you.
  11. I am pretty sure I saw something similar to the Gorilla box in Homebase in Carlisle not so long back, the are about £20 I brought 4 or 5 back from Baghdad a couple of years and they seem to have been onward posted by the other half or I would help you out.