Gorilla Box

get a mate to send them over from the PX in Bosnia- Kosovo or some such place

get the mate tto throw in a few pairs of Raph Lauren jeans- or if he is Pristina

a few fake North Face jackets.

You can keep them all bar the one you send me for having a good idea
This company does them for 29 quid. scroll half way down the web page.
I like this one better...

And it would be easier to identify on the luggage carousel too. :D

One thing you have to bear in mind with a lot of these boxes (I have a couple, not identical to solent plastics but very similar) is that the security hasp is a very low deterrent, a quick kick on any padlock will break the plastic surrounding it. Still very handy for storage as long as the box is kept in a secure enough location.
For the full monty - but expensive - use Peli. They are indestructable even in the hands of the RAF.

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