Gorgeous girls mess with mens minds!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Proximo, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. Apparently.

    Click here to discover why military planners would do well to keep women in their place whilst planning wars and do forth.

    Edited to add: And my ring finger is longer than my index finger - so I now know why my knuckles also drag on the floor...
  2. Look - here's some irrefutable science type stuff!

  3. Mine are the same length, does that mean I'm not a real man?
  4. Hmmm...I'll let the brainy types break the hard news to you...

    Linky thing.
  5. Excellent, thanks for the hand test thingy Darth, proof at last that I am a man woohoo
  6. Right just checked the hands, mine are left and right and not male and female and it's not written on them but I suppose that doesn't matter but my ring finger hasn't got a ring on it so I don't know which one it is but then I've just been repairing the sink and had to shove more than one finger into a definitely asexual u-bend and fixed the leak and just going on what's been said, I had a pish and didn't squat but the leak's back so I must be a man and definitely not a plumber.

    I'm now definitely male but sadly confused.
  7. Lucky that the army only recruits female munters then ! So, you can all go back to concentrating.
  8. I just noticed one of my ring fingers is longer than my other one. So one hands manly and the others feminine...Or am i just a mong?
  9. You could get in touch with your female side or is that still allowed?

    You're not a mong, it's just when you go down well at parties, you HAVE to make a choice.
  10. Well, noooo, you don't say 8O We've known that for some time - which is why we tend to get our way.
    Overall, we're the wiser sex that's why. :wink:
  11. If there are no cues around then you definitely can't play snooker. If there are sexual images on view then you don't feel like playing snooker anyway.

    Obviously nothing from Laura Ashley, no handbags to dance round and a distinct lack of scatter cushions.