Gorgeous George G - HOW???

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldSnowy, May 6, 2005.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I am sadly disgusted that I live in a Country where someone like G Galloway can get elected on a racist ticket, and then "dedicate his victory to the people of Iraq" :evil:

    All the Iraqis I have met know only two British politicians - one is Toneee, whom they love, and the other is GG. If he ever went to Iraq again, except for small Sunni areas where his 'friends' are leading the bloody civil war, he'd be lynched. They HATE him, as a tool and mothpiece for the murdering despot Saddam.

    I have to be careful, since we all know what a litigious nature GG has, but this has REALLY got my goat. Granted, Oona King is not my favourite ex-MP either, being a slavish Blair follower, but to be beaten by a man who played the race card is an utter disgrace.

    Ijust hope this isn't a trend for the future, but given the state of the postal voting system, I fear it will only get worse :cry:
  2. He only got in on the muslim anti-war vote.

    What makes it even more apparent that he couldnt give a sh1t about the constituents (and is only using it as revenge on labour), is the fact that he has a already stated that he WONT stand for their MP again! :roll:

    So much for wanting to represent the people.

    Self agrandising twat! :evil:
  3. How about a 'Celebrity' punch up - Gorgeous George against the Orange Crusader (Galloway v Kilroy-Silk for the slow of thinking).

    That one might be fun to watch, two publicity seeking tw@ts knocking seven bells out of each other! :twisted:
  4. I don't like most of the things he is alleged to have done, but you can't deny that he is prepared to debate anything with anybody.

    If more politicians were available in such ways then GG wouldn't stand out as some kind of martyr, and he simply wouldn't get a look-in.
  5. Many moons ago I put forward my name to be in the squad that finally dispatches Gorgeous George, however in the meantime I'm looking forward to the neat shite and grief he will cause BLiar in govt.

    Question time should be interesting.
  6. It's terrible. They may not have supported the war, but to support a man who was best bud with an evil tyrant who enjoyed the rape, gasing, torture and nurder of his own people is down right disgusting. I hope those who voted for him feel ashamed of themselves.
  7. Saw it, Paxman pushed him a lot, but no more than GG deserved, still I liked his question-

    "Are you proud of having driven out of parliament one of the few black women MPs?"
  8. No, I think you'll find he'll discuss what he wants to and as soon as it looks like he's loosing the argument, or he's got to the point where he's in a winning position..... he'll stop the dicussion there and then. He's just an attention seeking, unloyal, unpatriotic w4nker.
  9. GG does get my back up a bit*.

    * I'm trying to be polite as I'm newish around here....
  10. It would be but galloway has the worst record for attending parliment. So much for representing his constiuents. He is often to be found overseas supporting some obscure political movement (with questionable human rights!)

    Guy is self-serving tyrant.
  11. I'm not going to defend a man I personally don't like, but.....

    He is the elected representative of his consituency. Leaving aside the details of who voted for him, or their specific thoughts on the war in Iraq (for the reason that to discuss this would require too much supposition and generalisation), it does highlight that there were enough people in Bethnal Green and Bow who presumably felt that the other candidates were either unable or unwilling to represent their points of view honestly in Parliament. While George Galloway does seem to have a personal vendatta against the Labour party, he does also have legitimate personal reasons for having been opposed to the War in Iraq (as do all the other MPs who opposed it). To him, the War in Iraq seems to have been unquestionably the fundamental issue of the election campaign, and those who voted for him seem to have agreed.

    I don't like the man, and I don't agree with him either. But he won an election fair and square, and he is regarded as a good public speaker, and he does attract media attention. His presence in Parliament may very well prove to be a more potent catalyst for discussion of anti-war issues than Martin Bell's presence ever was in the war on sleaze.


  12. I dont like GG.....but what sort of question was that supposed to be? Just because she's black and female it does not excuse her from the vagaries of democracy. She is only a sacred cow in BBC eyes!
  13. I'm not sure she's a sacred cow in anyone's eyes. I don't think the BBC view as anything particularly special, Paxo even less so. But Paxo has a habit of asking agressive and suggestive questions. No person in their right mind would have answered Yes to Paxo's question, and Paxo knows that. But by even asking the questions Paxo is putting the thought into viewers heads. GG obviously, and sensibly, put him back in his box.

    There was a thread on here recently where someone suggested that if a political interviewee didn't give a straight answer to a question put to him by and interviewer, the interviewer should terminate the interview and deprive the interviewee of the airtime. I love Paxo, but I personally didn't think his leading question this time was really appropriate, and I didn't like the way he kept asking it. If the interviewer insists on asking inappropriate questions, then I think it is right and proper that the interviewee terminate the interview. In this instance, my opinion of GG has actually gone up slightly, because of the way he handled it.
  14. Hitler was a good public speaker. Doesn't equal a force for good.