Gorgeous blonde supermodel at 3 Bn Ball - Who was she????

Does anybody know who the tall light blonde f*'!!*^ gorgeous swedish supermodel looking beautiful babe was on Saturday night and who she was with?????????????????????????????
Yeah it was me!

No seriously it was, I look a lot taller out of boots and my wig is a real pro job that cost a fortune...........

Why do you ask? Wanna feel my t1ts?
Erm, the beautiful gorgeous blonde babe you're talking about mate I believe is Captain B****'s Fiancee L***.

Edited by Humphrey_De_Tiluel, please see your PM's}
Just seen the MOD step in. So Polarman, hope you understand the rules know and remember its only a laugh :lol: . Oh and N*** P***** D******* :wink:
I stand by my earlier statement - I WAS me.

I'm punting for the Gender reassignment Officer's job at DEME(A) cos I hear I get to feel his nads every day to ensure they are as big and hard as a man willing to screw up such a beautifull beast as our beloved Corps must have..................
Battsimm, I knew it was you, its the Corps favourite tranny - the Lizard king, him/herself, Mr/Mizz RS Blerk. CSM/RQMS/WRVS - can't remember his/her name now? how did that happen? :evil:
Wedge I have no idea what you just said but I like you anyway and want to feel YOUR nads..................
Possibly a take-away from Saskia Sommer, check out the gallery. I believe the Pink House in Walsrode also does take-aways.

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