Goretex Smocks

Got some dutch issued parkas which are goretex and seem to actually be better than the ones we use.

Have 2 bottom zip pockets which have flaps and also an inside pocket.

Velcro cuffs.

Excellent bits of kit.

Wired hood.

Front rank slide.

PM me with an email address for some more pics



He hash a bushinesh partner who ish alsho, he is very pleashed to shay ish hish lover, for shure...
venom said:
Whats your connection to the Dutch military?

The other week it was bivi bags...
No connection, just a simple STAB student :)
tearsbeforebedtime said:
Then you'll know all the crap you are peddling is issued free.
Well these aren't crap and these ones aren't issued to us, and as mentioned I consider them better, hence I'm using one my self.

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