Goretex Leaking/Care

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by FNC1A1, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Good day all. Any suggestions or info on Goretex leaking and care of Goretex? I've been using the NikWax products to clean and re-proof my Goretex gear but I keep getting damp spots in certain parts of the arms and shoulders. I've had the jacket exchanged and same problem (but leaking in different spots.) Or is there such a thing as a mesh liner one can use with the jacket to keep some distance between my warm and dry Softie and the damp inside of the jacket?

  2. Suggest you do not use any products to clean and reproof goretex.
    If it gets dirty just sponge off with clean water. Goretex is a membrane. Once it is pierced there is no fixing or reproofing it. Cleaning it in a washing machine will only accelerate the breakdown of the membrane, even without using chemicals.
  3. I appreciate the information. Any suggestions on the leaking/dampness?
  4. You best wash it in soap flakes as they don't clog the membrane. You can get your Gortex repaired as patches can be "welded on". They do have a shelf life and care should be taken not to crease them harshly which will avoid further leaks

    Albert Gore
    (Goretex Owners Club of Gt Britain
  5. Wonderful, thanks very much!
  6. If exchanging the jacket does not remedy the problem try exchanging your arms instead.

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  8. Try washing as per instructions and then tumble drying on a low setting this will shrink the holes in the membrane, if it's completely Fcuked and you cannot exchange it try running a cool iron over it - it won't be gortex anymore but will be more waterproof than before (the old crisp packet effect) - hint given to me on my MEL course by a gnarly old mountain goat - funny though he looked like he hadn't washed himself in a year let alone his kit.
  9. Try telling that to any of the DS on All Arms. If that Goretex comes out with any cam cream, dirt, grass, ANYTHING on it then it's the Tank for you!

    Besides, the care label says to wash it in a washing machine.

    The trick is to iron it on a warm setting just before it dries completely.
  10. Surprisingly GoreTex does need re-proofing. This isn't to keep the rain out it's so that the rain "beads" on the surface allowing vapour build up inside to escape through the membrane and fabric. If the surface proofing goes then the fabric "wets out" across its surface. Watervapour can then no longer evaporate so you get the same sweaty clammy build up that you get in the old crisp packet types.

    Nikwax do a product specifically for re-proofing GoreTex. Other than that follow the care label and don't use soap powder with optical brighteners - it will ruin the IRR performance of the jacket. Same goes for any other washable gear.

    GoreTex works best over a fleece or similar jacket.
  11. Thanks all for the help.

    Ohh, and Geordie_Blerk? Feck off Mama's Boy - I did my time long before Goretex was even considered being issued.
  12. GoreTex must be maintained to keep it working as it should,

    Washing in 'Nikwax Tech Wash' will remove all detergents (which is the cause of most 'wet out' problems) that compromise the GoreTex membrane.

    However, where a lot of users fall down (IMHO) is using 'Nikwax Wash In' which will proof both sides of the GoreTex layer. It may be better advise to use 'Nikwax Spray On' applied to the external layer of your GoreTex garment and if need be give more attention (double application) to those areas where 'wet out' is/was prevalent.

    Just my 'twopennyworth' cos it works fantastically for me. :D
  13. You can purchase a "civvie" Gortex repair kit, comes with a few patches, and some glue have a look on waltbay!

    The other option (the one I used when I was serving) was to use the following A Gortex Stash Away Smock liner, its available from SASS ( http://www.sasskit.co.uk/ ) this I had upgraded with a front zip. I used to wear this under my Windproof Smock, when needed.

    Its small enough to hide in a bergen / PLCE pouch, or at a push a Windproof poacher pocket.

    Did me fine, this way I had full access to all my pockets on my smock, but still stayed warm and dry with the gortex under it!

    But then I was a bit of a kit monster!
  14. I've never touched any of my Gore-Tex kit with Nikwax; that stuff fucked up my gaiters, so there's no fecking way I'm letting it near a £300 mountain jacket. Warm water and soap flakes and it's still going strong. Issue Gore-Tex, on the other hand, is thin and cheap and not durable. I have seen quite a few of those SASS smock liners around, but I've never had one (preferred to keep swapping ripped and leaky jackets at stores instead).