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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Fishsoxs, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. All, my Regiment is changing / amalgamating like many others and my coy's particular role has changed to that of SF which will be enjoyable.

    I have been recommended to wear my Gore Tex jacket more, but am enquiring about the Gore Tex jacket that has the 4 bellows pockets (of which my issue jacket does not have) which i would prefer or at a push a Gore Tex lined combat smock - can anyone point me in the right direction of where to purchase said jacket. :)

    Sorry for the crappy spelling - been a very long day :oops:

  2. Sorry, but why would your Coy's role changing mean that you are being recommended to wear your gore-tex more often?

    However the jacket I believe you are on about is the old issued jacket (when most were still issued with the rubberised waterproofs). It only has 2 pockets, rank slide and a wired hood.
  3. Four pockets?

    Wasn't it only two pockets?

    If you're buying it yourself, what about the Dutch ones? They're cheap and look to be pretty sturdy.
  4. My coy's current role is plain rifle coy with main part of the Regiments SF capability ... when the regiement changes name next year we re-role and become soley SF platoon.

    Hope that clears things up
  5. Tartan

    I could easily have been wrong about seeing one with four pockets, but not sure. Am i talking utter nonsense? :?

    The Dutch ones that you mentioned would probably do the trick.

    Thanks :)
  6. Not really - why does that mean you are recommended to wear your gore-tex more often. Will you be working in a wetter location?

    Excuse me, I'm just in a pedantic mood!!!!!
  7. At a guess:

    Laying/kneeling stationary on a gunline exposed to the elements for long periods of time particularly in training (field firing/exercise play etc)

    But I'm no expert.
  8. The 4 pocket jacket is available at silvermans if your rich.Why do you need a gortex for sf ?Been in sf for years apart from a utility pouch instead of right ammo pouch no particular special kit needed.
    Infact with the amount of kit and ammo you lug minimising the gucci kit
    and gizmos is a good idea .The gortex lined smocks are silly imho too hot when tabbing and get very heavy when wet .
  9. Firstly thanks for all your posts :D please let them continue

    Cheers Woody

    I understand what your saying but I like to keep a lot of stuff in my pockets like note book protractor, nick naks and other such stuff, rather than having to delve into my smock (which i dont particularly wear with gore tex) under current gore tex i could just go to my front pocket.

    Also to the one who mentioned laying prone in wet conditions on a gun line - exactly the reason.

    Why be wet and uncomfortable when you dont have to and in a gun line I dont think you have to.

    Awaiting any incoming ....

    John :)
  10. Why not use a cut-down rollmat to lie down on? I've seen that done before and the effect is essentially the same. Additionally, you may well be carrying that with you anyway so it's not an extra item so to speak.
  11. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    My understanding of the 4-pocket Goretex is that it is designed for, and should be issued to, CSS units as it is intended to be worn over the smock rather than under it.

    Combat units should still get the pocketless smock/liner.

    As to getting your hands on it, there has been a thread on being able to procure kit through the system.

    Hope this helps
  12. Why not just get some extra pocket stiched onto your current gortext by a tailors ?
  13. Nip into the QMs and ask if they have any of the POL operators kit handy - its just a padded out set of gortex but the smock does, I beleive have 4 pockets, reinforced elbows+shoulders and the trousers are high waisted with built in braces, all comes in it's own diddy stuff-sac.

    I thank you, I'm here all week.............
  14. Karrimor also make a 4 pocket gortex jacket. See here for details. Not sure how much it costs but suspect £££££. To get prices you have to contact them direct and they only supply to the police/forces.
  15. Try www.sofmilitary.co.uk they sell an Arktis gore-tex lined smock its just like the windproof one they have just replace that line with a gore-tex one.