Gordy MacDoom showing us what wonderful people skills he has again.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Abdiel, Mar 27, 2011.

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  1. Apparently Gordon Brown and entorage almost sparked a mutiny on a plane when.
    Broon and aides tried to kick a seven month pregnant woman out of a first class seat, she hung onto it while her husband was forced to the back and a few unlucky poor people in economy were booted off the plane altogether.
    Whilst more rows follwed during the flight leading to BA paying out compensation at the end.
    Very smooth!

    Pregnant woman is told to give up seat so Gordon Brown can fly in BA Club Class | Mail Online
  2. BA must be hoping for somesort of special treatment. Letting him on AND taking hte blame.

    Six people seems a very high number of people to be 'overbooked' by in such a prestige class. You also have to question the idiocy of the BA cabin crew/desk asking a PREGNANT woman to move. bruin's aide seems just the calibre of mongtard that the fcuktard requires too. And if it isn't to do with who he is... why didn't he downgrade?
  3. read this article this morning. the fucktard of an aide to broon was some reformed anti establishment activist.....imho she needs a good solid kick in the cunt.
  4. Fellings about Brown aside. Politicians should never be expected to fly economy class.
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Why didn't they kick his entourage into economy?
  6. Ah, the good ol' Mail. All it needed was the woman to be blind, black and minus a lower limb and they'd have had the full set.
  7. Wasn't there enough space in the hold?
  8. Brown has a reputation for things going wrong when he visits or patronises certain businesses, including the BA 777 that crashed at Heathrow while he was at the airport flying to some G20 meeting. Should BA really be encouraging him to fly with them???

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Yes, preferably on a plane flown entirely by computer and with only him on board prior to a plane/sea interface beyond the reach of easy rescue.
  10. Once had the joy of meeting Mr Norman Lamont (ex-Chancellor of the Exchecher) as we all got fucked from Business Class to Economy Class on a trip from Geneva to Heathrow. We didn't complain as it was the last flight and we were due at a stag night. Mr Lamont had duty free whiskey and shared it with the boys (albeit he didn't know that we had stolen his duty free at the time but didn't kick up a fuss). Lovely man

  11. any coincedence that the BA cabin crew staff were balloting on more strike action today, will need back up from red ed and his stooges
  12. He's only a MP, FFS, a soi-disant 'servant of the people'. Make the cnut fly economy or walk- we're paying for it after all.

  13. well done that man.
    just because some slag got herself up the duff, doesn't mean she's entitled to special treatment.

    (honestly, who gives a shit. Brown is SOO last decade)
  14. I don't suppose Brown knew anything about it. Face it, it would be seriously wrong to even think that useless cnut..fuck it..cunt, knows anything about anything except how to be a professional erm, useless cunt.

    Did I mention that he's a useless cunt?
  15. I have experienced fairly good results getting my comments to DM published; however they let me down this time when I pointed out the morale of the British public being as it is at perhaps the lowest ebb since WWII could boost the morale by a massive degree by simply publishing Broon's obit.

    I would certainly purchase a few souvenir copies.