Gordy Broone Worst PM!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by uncle_vanya, Aug 4, 2010.

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  1. Winston Churchill once declared that history would judge him kindly because he would write it himself. But the same cannot be said for Gordon Brown, it seems, as historians have already delivered their verdict.

    The academics have voted the former Labour leader the third worst prime minister since the war.
    He comes tenth out of the 12 post-war premiers, ahead of Sir Anthony Eden and Sir Alec Douglas-Home - two men who have long been associated with failure. David Cameron was not included in the survey, as he has only just taken office.


    1. Clement Attlee (Labour, 1954-51)

    2. Margaret Thatcher (Conservative, 1979-90)

    3. Tony Blair (Labour, 1997-07) .............???????????????????????

    4. Harold Macmillan (Conservative, 1957-63)

    5. Harold Wilson (Labour, 1964-70, 1974-76)

    6. Winston Churchill (Conservative, 1951-55)

    7. James Callaghan (Labour, 1976-79)

    8. John Major (Conservative, 1990-97)

    9. Edward Heath (Conservative, 1970-74)

    10.Gordon Brown (Labour, 2007-10).......... hahahahhahaha!!!

    11. Sir Alec Douglas-Home (Conservative, 1963-64)

    12. Sir Anthony Eden (Conservative, 1955-57)

    It means Mr Brown is considered by experts to be the biggest prime ministerial failure for more than 45 years.

    The poll of more than 100 academics found that although Mr Brown should be congratulated on his response to the banking crisis, he should be considered a failure because of the huge debt he left behind.

    Read more: Gordon Brown voted third worst post-war Prime Minister by historians | Mail Online

    Wow, as if anyone would have thought this. One wonders what the Economists will have to say about his performance during his years as Chancellor of the Exchequer.....
  2. Oh come on now!
    Play fair!
    I'm sure that grinning, multimillionaire pig CMD can get to the bottom of the list.
    Give him time. He's only just started destroying the countries infrastructure.
  3. "Congratulated for his response to the banking crisis"? As Chancellor, he built the economy on the sands of public sector employment and consumer credit spending. The utterly useless FSA was his brainchild. We could hardly have been in a worse position to weather the global banking crisis. The man was a brooding megalomaniac who should never have been allowed anywhere near No.10, but amazingly, the Labour party, despite the misgivings which Mandelson alleges, gave him the ruddy keys! Cocks and knobbers, the lot of them.
  4. Whilst not disputing the headline, why is that bastard blair rated so highly? It was his la la land policies that drove the country to its present situation. Surely to get us involved in Iraq and the Afghan with all the consequences and then resign while our troops are still taking casualties-the man has no shame!
  5. Clearly history (and academia) judges him more kindly than I do!

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Not sure why John Major ranks so low - he won an election, which is more than Callaghan did, and he handed over a successful economy when he left office, which is more than a lot on that list achieved. He also had to operate with a wafer thin majority which requires considerable skill.

    As for Major Clem being top of the list, the mind boggles: "A modest man with much to be modest about." wsc

    (1 edit)
  7. In my lifetime, yes he was the worst PM.... by far.
  8. Has Pa Broon been spotted anywhere lately?
    Having read about the bizarre suicide/murders that have been reported recently...........
  9. That would be the self-made multi-millionaire who didn't abuse his office to make his money, he did it off his own back, then went on to lead the country. I may not like the guy, but I can admire what he's done. Are you a bit envyious perhaps?
  10. The problem is with these academics is that most of them are misty eyed tofu eating macrobiotic dieting sandal wearing bearded hippy tosspots. Attlee as No 1??? I rate the ability to speak English rather than German higher than the ability to get a sex change paid for by the State (which is why the academics made it 'post war' so they could relegate Winston)!

    The correct order:

    1. Margaret Thatcher (Conservative, 1979-90): nothing needs to be said.

    2. Harold Macmillan (Conservative, 1957-63)

    3. John Major (Conservative, 1990-97): set up Britain to have the strongest economy in the EU and G8 (for its size), best pension provisions in the world, low unemployment, laid the political foundations for the 'peace' in Ireland.

    4. Winston Churchill (Conservative, 1951-55)

    5. James Callaghan (Labour, 1976-79)

    6. Sir Alec Douglas-Home (Conservative, 1963-64)

    7. Sir Anthony Eden (Conservative, 1955-57)

    8. Clement Attlee (Labour, 1945-51): wasted the Marshall Plan money on socialist projects. As a result we have been playing catch-up ever since with Germany. Forced those parts of the Empire that wished to remain to become independent.

    9. Harold Wilson (Labour, 1964-70, 1974-76): led to the rise of the unions which almost destroyed the UK. Accepted money from men he knew to be KGB agents. Tolerated traitors.

    10. Edward Heath (Conservative, 1970-74): traitor who lied to the UK about the EU. Screaming pederast. Caved in to the unions. Like Brown was unable to recognise his failures and blamed everyone else. Betrayed the Commonwealth countries that had stood by us through several hundred years and two World Wars for his EU project.

    11. Gordon Brown (Labour, 2007-10): complete **** completely blinded by spite and arrogance. A coward.

    12. Tony Blair (Labour, 1997-07): traitor who lied to the UK over the war(s), allowed Brown to create a client state, encouraged mass uncontrolled immigration, etc, etc (the list is far too long for here).
  11. Blair and Brown should not rank in the top FIFTY prime ministers.

    Blair was awful and all but destroyed the nation in every way imaginable. His cowardice in failing to deal with his dysfunctional Chancellor of the Exchequer was practically treason as the dreadful oaf Brown ruined what remained of the nation by bankrupting it!

    PS: Planet Real order of merit:

    Thatcher - Macmillan - Attlee.
  12. As a retired member of our society I must agree and add that Brown and his ilk were heavily involved in the complete destruction of our society .

    He has however now decided to go International offering his Economic Skills to Africa .... Africa !! ... poor buggers .
  13. Hm. Having had my pay "frozen" for (at least) the next two years;
    Being told that my Service will face cuts of up to 25%;
    Despite the fact that we have been cut EVERY YEAR since 1986; well no.
    I would say that I'm a wee bit pissed off because the people who cause all these problems are not suffering at all.
    Envious. No.
    The Public Sector is the easy target.
    Don't worry though:
    Cuts in Coppers - probably more crime.
    Cuts in Firefighters - probably more Fire Death.
    Cuts in Nurses - more wards closed.
    Give him a chance. He'll make bottom of the list yet!

  14. Ahhh...But who's pissed money up the wall in the last 13 years?

    CMD hasn't started with a clean sheet and Books that balance, he's taken over Woolworths 6 months before it failed.
  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Why are these things happening? Because Gordon Brown caused them - no-one else, not 'the bankers', not 'started in America', but him. Gordon Brown, hiding in a hole in Scotland while being paid thousands a month, caused all this to be. He took a massively positive financial position and wasted it all; he refused to reform the welfare and tax systems because Blair wanted to do so. He inveted the failure that was the FSA. He sold our gould... I could go on, but it's pointless. Socialists only hear what they wish to hear- that's the main reason we are in such a bad state today.

    And why is the Public Sector the easy target? Because it is overmanned and inefficient. And I know, I'm part of it :)