Gordos British values

I think he has forgoten that he has been helping to run this country for the last 10 years.Whats with that accent aswell....i thought he was Scottish.cnut
In the past I have been pretty indifferent to most politicians, a history teacher once said to me that Guy Fawkes was the only man to go into the House of Commons with honest intentions .. its about the only thing I remember from school !!

Broon just makes me want to puke, both him and his predecessor are all about legislation for everything but dont actually seem to DO anything. British Values then ??, he need look no further than the guys and girls out in Iraq and Afghanistan, However no mention of them today. Probably because he doesnt want any light shone on the disgraceful treatment of the services overseen by him and his bunch of prize winning panheads. I cant watch him, just makes me want to smack that droopy jaw of his right through his forehead.

Just watch him the next time he is giving a speech and his mouth does that slack jawed yokel impression between sentences.
RAF_Liney said:
He only mentioned Iraq once in his speech and mentioned the Armed Forces how many times??? NONE.
The man is an oxygen thief.
He did mention the forces once,i think he used the word "dedicated".Nice to know that after all the recent years of constant deployment and fighting he holds the forces in such high esteem.Cheers easy.
" value of Britain $99"

Surely you are obliged to quote that in Euros now.

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