Gordo's £400M

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. So, who gets it? :?
  2. New chairs for the MoD main building?
  3. I know where the money wont go... where it is needed.
  4. Bowman 'upgrades'
  5. In fact, just thought. Why not let people bid for a slice of it. Not the branches of the services, but individual soldiers.

    Personally, I would like to holiday or a new exhaust for my car.

  6. emphasis on BBC thinking £400 rather than £400,000,000 :roll:
  7. Ah, Got prat mode on, I kiss your bottom :oops:
  8. I was wondering where this extra money was coming from, but just received our latest LOA review. Bastards. The Chancellor Giveth and then he removeth with bloody interest :evil:
  9. £400 is not a lot and sums up Labours commitment to the Armed Forces. That much wouldn't even pay for half a face lift for the Poodle of Darkness. Might buy him a new ginger tweed jacket in which he can appear in a few more Buff-Hoon inspired apologies for the dreadful troops under his command.
  10. I have seen the £400 M but I have also seen on sky news "13.07 £3.7bn more spent on defence" whats that about ? This year or last ? Any ideas........ thanks
  11. MY vote's for left handed L85A2's...
  12. It's the same #3.7 billion promised last July. Double-counting, a Neue Arbeit speciality. Take away the cost overrun on procurement projects(Astute, Typhoon, Brimstone, Nimrod MRA4 etc), Broon's refusal to pay for #500m-worth of costs in Iraq, and there's not a lot of change. In fact, we'd better have a whip-round.
  13. OK £400, that will pay the bank for this weeks tea at MOD Central