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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cpunk, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Very, very obvious that - despite the fact that Labour has now sent us into two full-on wars - there was no commitment to extra defence spending in Gordon's speech. Notwithstanding the enormous budget deficit that he has run up, he was able to recklessly promise increases in domestic public expenditure calculated to buy up the doley vote. I suppose the assumption is that anyone with a real commitment to the long-term future of this country would never vote Labour anyway, so we can all just fcuk ourselves.

    Thanks for nothing Gordy.
  2. Sian Williams asked him a few interesting questions on the BBC news just now, and I am fukced if I understood his answer
  3. -Quite right, Gordon, but that's why you'll be binned. Call it a happy coincidence if it helps you sleep at night.
  4. Interviewed by Adam Boulton this morning on Sky News and when pressed on equipment for Afghan he stuck with the line: "Ask any Military person and they will tell you that no UOR's have been turned down." Repeated ad nauseum.

    He's on Today in a few minutes..
  5. What is the goal? More weapons or less coffins? How many British soldiers were killed in Iraq since mr.Brown became a PM?

    There is an inertion in politics. You can not turn a big ship to opposite direction just in few minutes.

    With the Conservatives the blood bath in Afganistan will continue. As for the Labour then at least there is a hope to diminish loses in Afganistan.
  6. Ah Sergy
    That Troops die and get mangled in Combat is a fact of life, as you know and as all Troops know, when they Sign On for Service in Her Majesty's Armed Forces.
    Few troops suffered as result of Bad policy as did the troops of the USSR during Joe Stalin's time but they still did their duty for the Motherland.
    We folks on this board are rightly angry, that Her Majesty's Government have committed British Armed Forces to so many wars But have and are failing to finance these actions.
    Afghanistan has now gone on Longer then the Great Patriotic War, and yet the troops are still not being provided with the equipment required and material of less then best quality will come along in years to come when better quality was available and could have been in use Now.

  7. Sergei old chap, the issue we have with Labour is that under their less than stellar 12 year reign, we have been in more wars than in any other comparable period of time in British history. B'Liar holds the record for the most wars under one PM!
  8. John, I would like to quote mr.Brown's speech

    And I would like to ask you and all our friends. Suppose that you have the best possible equipment in expense of early cancer tests inluding mothers of young soldiers. Money do not appear from the air. What would you feel?

    Of course it is a bit personal. My father was diagnosed lung cancer a year and half ago. He had 10 courses of chemotherapy (real cost of each more than 3000 Pounds). He is still alive and I hope he will live years more.

    I feel that mr.Brown understands that the war in Afghanistan is needless but Washington is too powerfull and for political reasons he agrees to continue participation of the UK in the war.
  9. Let's look at the causes. No one of these wars was initiated by the UK. We should thank our American friends.

    Now suppose that the UK has Conservative government these years. What war they would not join? Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq?

    And I would like to say you more. As I remember mr.Blair firmly said that his government would not wage a war agains Iran. But I'm not sure about the Tories. They were (and are) able to follow Washington blindly.

  10. Have you seen the thread about Iran? David Milliband has refused to rule out military operations against Iran...
  11. Let's look what really mr.Miliband said

    100% means that there is no room for other (including military) options.

    In the future new American president could unleash a war with Iran. So in theory a military action against Iran is conceivable but mr.Miliband did not hint that the UK could participate in the action.
  12. It is a full text.


    I believe that mr.Brown's speech is remarkable. I propose to read it carefully.

    Mr.Brown clearly says that there is the hard working majority and the privileged few and his party will be on the side of the majority.
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Actually, the effect will be the opposite. Brown is content to allow the current casualty rate rather than having to cut hand-outs and freebies to potential Labour voters. The reason? Service personnel and their families make up a tiny proportion of the electorate: benefit recipients and NHS valetudinarians form a much bigger group and are more likely to be pathetically grateful for generous Mr Brown's largesse: after all, it isn't their taxes which are going to go up: they don't pay any (like Sven). Keeping us in Afghanistan means that President Obama does occasionally have to talk to Gordon in public, and that plays well with the Guardianistas and makes us the Euro-partner du jour. It's a win-win for New Labour, shame about those who've been killed and maimed.
  14. Leopard trying to change it's spots.

    Labour has consistently failed to be on the side of the hard working majority over the last 12 years. the list is endless...

    eg destroyed personal pension provision, wrong on 10 pence tax, wrong on ID cards,......(see earlier threads for details)

    His speech failed completely to address the debt problems of this country - Britain now owes £38,000 per working person, on top of all individual borrowing and debts - what are they doing for the future? Spending more........

    Don't waste your time reading it........


  15. That, and the fact that by and large, most of us connected with the MOD won't vote for them anyway.