Gordons alive!

You'll see nothing that sinks him today

The main event is Gideon and his involvement with Murdoch, Coulson & Brooks at the villa
Well he has been obliged to go abroad some of the time to supplement his reduced Parliamentary pay .... and I realise it is the Mail but linky ...

Gordon Brown is paid £120,000 for four-hour forum in Russia | Mail Online

and a short extract ..

The speech follows other appearances at high-profile events in Russia by Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson – suggesting that senior figures from the last Labour Government have maintained close links
with Russia despite the UK's frosty relations with Moscow.

Blair and Mandelson have spoken at Troika-sponsored events, but it has refused to reveal their fees. Sberbank is run by German Gref, one of Mr Putin's closest allies and a close friend of Lord

The Commons Register also reveals that Mr Brown was paid £61,000 for a speech to another Russian bank, Alfa, last November.
.... perhaps association with or advice leading failure in Russia may however have a more terminal result for him / them .
Gordon states on oath that the Murdochs wanted the UK to go to war with France and Germany.....
He is also saying that the Sun was trying to undermine our efforts in Afghanistan by critcizing his conduct of the war....

This guy appears to have a strong dislike of News International....I wonder why?....


Book Reviewer
Will the bad news ever stop?
So who is going to end up being charged with Perjury at the Leveson Inquiry?,,,

Rebekah Brooks

Rupert Murdoch

James Murdoch

Gordon Brown.....
Never thought I would see the day when a former PM makes Rupert Murdoch seem a credible witness.

Was Sarah there to make sure he took his meds and stayed calm?
So even faced with this disaster dave could only "win" with aid of the lib dems :(
Brown useless
Dave an alternative just not a very good one :(

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