Gordon to save the world!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Plastic Yank, Jan 12, 2005.

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  1. So the miserable Fifer is off to tell the world how he can save them! Aside from giving millions to useless and corrupt African regimes, how about some cash for UK police, Armed Forces and industry?

    I guess sorting out the mess in your own country doesn't have the same "Legacy" effect as sorting out the world's troubles.
  2. I was always lead to believe that sorting out affairs in your own home before telling the world how to do theirs is what one should strive for....now this coming from that stingy tight Fifer :evil:

    Remember all this come ballot box day
  3. There has to be a good reason for the major western industrial nations to contribute so much to the countries affected by the Tidal Wave (couldn't spell Tsunami).

    Am I a cynic, or could this be for future trade deals etc? I'm damn sure its not because of their Christian beliefs, several members of the Labour Government were/still are communists, therefore no God = no requirement for Christian values!

    I havn't heard of any Government assistance to those UK areas worst hit by the recent weather. Also havn't heard which of the Arab nations are contributing to the Tidal Wave Relief Fund, or have I missed it on the rare news bulletins?
  4. Good point there...anybody know if the Arab nations are contributing :?
  5. Very much doubt it!!!! They all run with the the policy of "Whats your is mine and whats mine is mine" Although I think Gordon is deffinately the chap to tell the African nations how to make money!!!! He's thrown in enough stealth tax's to keep us Screewed to the boards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If it wasn't for the Antique shops i'd emmigrate!!!! :evil:
  6. Excuse my ignorance but is Fifer a form of abuse in Scotland? I can say a lot of bad, mean and nasty things about the Chancellor, all of them well deserved, but calling him a Fifer has never entered my mind.

    The only things I know about Fife (and Fifers) is that there is a really excellent Fish and Chip shop up there, and a small minority of the Flyers supporters are too stupid and too rude to stand up for the National Anthem when it is played at Ice Hockey matches.

    Enlighten me!
  7. Aah, yes, Gordon's plan to keep Africa aid-dependant for as long as possible. Perhaps someone should tell him that African dictators don't vote Labour??? :twisted:
  8. Fifer: an inhabitant of the "Kingdom" of Fife. Their qualities can be summed up by the old jock proverb " You'll need a long spoon to sup wi a fifer." Mainly renowned for a total lack of compassion and subsisting of a diet of boiled babies. Whilst not an insult it's certainly not a compliment.
  9. Yes it's an insult to Fifers to call the Chancellor a Fifer.
  10. Lets just say that as someone who lives across the water from them (tayside), fife is what i would term the arrsehole of the world.

    Dont get me wrong, the scenery is nice (and the chipper at anstruther :) ) but the people are a bunch of miserable sods!!

    Although they do have one redeeming feature. They make great warriors (just ask the iraqi insurgents who went up against the BW :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    agent smith
  11. It takes a lang spoon tae sup wi' a Fifer(or the De'il)
  13. I have said before just give labour time and the economy will go.
    Bruin was praised for his financial mesures how he was a canny Scot.
    Then he sold off the gold at a very low price and bought Euro's, good labour man.
    Now his spending plans are starting to run away, now't wrong with debt, old socialist thinking and of course the consience of Old labour kicks in, Africa, black slaves, we're all guilty. So Gorden plays to the left.
    Testicals I have never owned a slave and I am too honkey ever to have sold any of my own people to the foreigners who came in boats.
    PS. there is a myth popularized by the left the we all came out of Africa. Well you might have done. I didn't.
  14. Well done to RTFQ for coming up with a concise but entirely accurate nickname for the Chancellor. "Strangely"