Gordon the Walt

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, Feb 18, 2006.

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  1. [​IMG]

    From the Guardian today!
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Must be your brother Mr PVR'd - he looks just like your avatar :twisted: :wink:
  3. Not any more. "Monkey" has gone to the celestial paradise on his little cloud.
  4. Yet more shameless photo-politicking for the would-be leader of
    NEU Arbeit.
    Just when you thought we'd seen the depths this shameless amn would sink too, he disproves us and sinks to yet lower depths.
  5. He's a ridiculous, publicity-seeking prick!
  6. To be fair, it is a little unlikely that Gordon Brown in a Walt in any sense that the average user of this site would understand. Generally speaking in Arrse terms, to be a Walt you have to dress up in the "uniform" of the job that you aspire to but at the same time be completely unfitted for it. For example some salad doging spam in a "special forces" uniform playing airsoft.

    As it is generally well know what Gordon's ambition is, then to be a walt he would have to be dressed in a Paul Smith suit outside No10 pretending to be Prime Minister.

    I suggest that it is unfair to name this thread "Gordon the Walt" on the other hand it would be entirely fair to call it "Gordon the person who wouldn't have even known that the armed forces existed unless his political adviser suggested that he should make a token effort to pretend that he gives a toss - cnut"
  7. It's a bit unfair to use this image to beat him with - we gave him no chance but to dress up in that rig. It's (almost) standard SE for a day flight. He was more personable than I would've expected, getting on well with the young sailors and seemed to be paying attention.

    On the other hand, his press entourage didn't seem that enamoured by the sight of Her Majesty's finest Pussers Grey!!
  8. Le Jaq
    Fair point.
    However the runt Broon would probably have asked where he had to pay the driver on boarding whichever aircraft he was en-route to/from.
    The man has no knowledge/conception/idea what it means to serve in our countries armed services and he would,i suspect, like to introduce pay as you drive for our vehicles to get 'value for money from our service drivers.
    Probably pay-as-you-fly too and pay-as-you-sail too, if he thought he could get enough bean counters to actually make it work.
    It's not like the armed services OWN the kit, it all belongs to the Government.
  9. Even worse a crab walt!
  10. He looks like a pie-eating biggles wannabe.
  11. Going on that principle LJ that must make 99.9999% of the Cabinet 'Walts' cant think of any of em fit to do the job they do!!! .............................. Can you?

    hey thinking about it, Did I just insulted the 'Military Walters' out there? ....... comparing em with that load of useless trash?