Gordon rolls over for his master George.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dwarf, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. Recently I have been reading about the UK pulling out of Iraq, and reading between the lines how Gordon was nerving himself up to take a real decision of consequence and then break the news to George.

    Then I saw on my local news, beamed all over the world, the shots of Gordon effusively saying goodbye to George, couldn't do enough for him.
    he only left out tugging his forelock.

    So not only does he show a massive lack of balls, but he then goes further by guaranteeing that British Troops are not going anywhere, and then backs up his Lord and Master by calling for heavier sanctions against Iraq. George had got nothing out of his visit to Europe until his last stop when Gordon rolls over and does what he is told, allowing The President to gain some political capital.

    This President is a lame duck, he will be gone in a few months, his policies are discredited, it's the ideal time to tell him you are changing tack, but oh no it is bottle-out time! Bush is still running British foreign policy even after his poodle has gone.

    So will Gordon wait till Obama comes and then hand him a fait accompli?
    How does Bush wrap Liebore PMs round his little finger? What is he promising them? When do we get our Foreign Policy back under our control?
    When do we get a PM with balls? Would Cameron have any?
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Damn! George W Bush has just flown over my gaff in a four helicopter convoy and my SAM-7 is at the menders...
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Well you could have shown some commitment to doing the right thing by having a punt with a 12 gauge, air rifle or even a knicker elastic catapult - whatever was to hand.

    Did he at least see your "George Bush is a c0ck" message on the lawn?
  4. Good news is that Gordon Brown has now promised the warmongers from across the sea to put more British troops in Afghanistan.
  5. Just watched the shaved chimp and Cyclops on the One O'Clock News.

    Cyclops paid tribute to the five members of 2 PARA who recently lost their lives.

    Cyclops - "Five members of the Second Paratroop Regiment"

    The cunt can't even get the name right. And there's no point asking Swiss Des is there :x :x :x :x :x

  6. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Can't get down our street, police everywhere armed to the teeth, revolvers, sub machine guns a few rifles. Odd characters wandering around in suits wearing dark glasses and whispering up their sleeves, helicopters whizzing about . Why? I hear you ask. That ****ing idiot Bush has hit town and the whole area where I live has become a practical no go zone. I can see the Big House (Stormont) from where I'm sitting, anyone got a spare 4.5 turret to spare I could clear out Brown and Bush in one go.
  7. That one had me fuming, too: what a pitiful, embarrassing tosser of a 'Prime Minister'. If ever proof were needed of Clown's utter lack of interest in the Armed Forces, despite his ritual claims to the contrary, this was it - I'd bet that even Bush wouldn't have made a horlicks of the title of a US Army unit that had just taken heavy casualties. Roll on the election (if he lasts that long).
  8. For the first time since the battle of Trafalgar Square, I actually watched Coppers beating protestors over barricades. Is the depth of feeling so strong against the Chimp that they forced the Police to resort to a good batoning?

    Actually at the BoTS , Coppers were getting it, and dishing it back good style , the mounted boys got some too, but that was different, and needed sorting. The crowd were out of control.

    This time , standing behind the armaco and using extendibles? It just looked very Banana Republic to me, very sad.

    When Clinton was here, people were rushing to meet the bloke, and when he had a pint of yam Bank's Bitter in Gas Street Basin, the Brum media was in ecstasy for days. Prople actually turned out to cheer Clinton, and I sure as hell don't remember the Mall being barricaded and empty for a Presidential visit for any US President prior to this.

    I could care less the Prime Minister got the Parachute Regiment's name wrong. I'm glad he did, it further exposes his crocodile tears over our losses, his absolute lack of concern over getting the details right of a Regiment that has lost 5 KIA in one week and his faux concern over treatment of the Armed Forces in general.

    He really couldn't care less. I'll take that statement back, when I see something concrete and beneficial concerning our people on operations coming from this dreadful, woefully incompetent , clueless mannikin of a political leader.

    Why can't he just do the decent thing and resign?

    As an aside, there is no chance whatsoever of Dr. Reid or someone of his ilk getting Defence again, because he actually comes from an Army family, values the boys and girls. and wants money spending on them.

    I'm more concerned at how humiliated we look in the eyes of the world, and our associated waning of influence everytime this t wat opens his mouth , or brown noses the current US administration and it's sordid foreign policies.
  9. It's traditional to follow the US everywhere
  10. Gordon Brown has Insulted every member, past & present of the Parachute Regiment, with that remark.

    That man really is an RSole :x

    The quicker you leave Gordon, the better off this country will be.
  11. I could swear I just heard the (part-time) Secretary of State for Defence on Radio 4, talking about "the Chief of the Defence Force" and "the Chief of the Defence Service", more or less in the same sentence. Are these new MoD appointments, or is he trying to outdo even Gordon in what seems to be the latest New Labour craze - parading one's total ignorance of, and profound contempt for, all things military? Words fail me.
  12. I am of the opinion that gb hates the armed forces. I therefore would not be surprised if his 'mistake' was not a mistake at all. Maybe i am just very cynical, but if one looks at gb's track record of contempt for HMF....

  13. Two things.
    It has recently, since WW2, become the norm to follow the US lead, because our national interest co-incided with theirs. If it wasn't also in their interest they wouldn't let us on board.
    However under Bliar-Brown national interest has been replaced by personal political considerations and interest. Tell me how Iraq was in the British People's interest, I never could see that even when they were so obviously setting it up.
    Secondly, if we do have to follow the US lead, because our leaders prefer to spend more on Downing Street carpets than a credible military, leaving us dependant on the US for protection, then we should do it with dignity and pride.
    For God's sake do you think Maggie would have shamelessly sat up and begged for a pat on the head the way Brown did there? She would have had that little tosser Bush by the gonads and told him how Iraq wasn't going to work but if it had to be done it would be done like this.
    "Yo Blair" and his servile reaction just says it all.
    I go along with PTP on how we look to the world, and it shows a boot-licker with no backbone or policies of his own.
    It makes it very difficult for me to explain my countries position to people out here when they just see us as US dogsbodies.

    Ask yourself this, Would Winston have stood for it? He was a STATESMAN, I doubt that Brown can spell it.

    Listen carefully, that faint, whirring sound is Winston spinning in his grave.
  14. Did anybody else notice in the filum of Gobshite Bush and Brown the Clown trudging up the apples at No 10, how Brown the Clown really minces when he walks? As opposed to Gobshite Bush's "All-American-Boy-Turkey-Walk"?
    No wonder Phony Tony never took him seriously.