Gordon Ramsey.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bernoulli, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. Last night I watched "Ramsey's kitchen nightmares".

    After sitting through an hour of watching the stroppy Jock Spud Jockey throwing his weight around, two points occurred to me.

    1. He is a c*nt.

    2. I would love to see him go into a typical Forces galley or cookhouse,
    one that was full of typically psychotic Glaswegian chefs with teeth
    and ears missing, and covered in dodgy Loyalist tattoos.
    I think that he would last about fifteen minutes before he was dunked
    head-first into the deep-fat fryer.
  2. I think he's quite good. It's some of the out and out losers that he appears on that show with, who need their arrses kicking.

    One of the lads had scoff at one of Ramseys places. By all accounts , expensive but excellent.
  3. He sets high standards, and expects those around him to meet them. Good on him I say, top bloke.
  4. Says what he thinks, and after losing his own business, can see whats going wrong with another. That chef on last night's repeat programme was an utter twat and was getting 25 grand a year for being one.
  5. His food may be good and his restaurants classy, but the guys a complete cnut. Its no excuse to be a complete pr1ck.
  6. He does what he's paid to do, which is give failing restaurants a kick up the arrse in an entertaining and TV friendly way.
  7. Ok, so the owner of restaurant X decides he needs Mr Ramsey to come in and and be beastly and make the Sous-Chef cry.

    How much choice do the sprog chefs get, with regards to being made c*nts of on national TV?
  8. They get the choice of saying yes or no to the programme being filmed, with them on it, going out, and shed loads of cash if they say yes.
    Mind you, half of them look like they are in a queue to get into one of your pits Bernie :lol:
  9. wooh-hoo!! there's hope for me still - Ramsey' face looks like he's been catapulted out of a cannon against a brick wall at 25 feet...
  10. He's spot on from what I've seen of those programmes, most of the staff in these failing restaurants are complete, w@nkers, they deserve a good kicking as well, now that would make the programme more fun! :twisted:
  11. OK, Gordon Ramsey is the biggest bully in Britain.
    Bollocks. When he left Aubergene to set up on his own, 49 members of staff went with him. The majority of which have stayed with him since.
    He is a man at the top of his game. If any of you had experinece of a proper commercial kitchen you would know this.
    Theres a big difference Berni between Army chefs knocking out pie and chips for a bunch of largely unappreciative, ignorant soldiers, who are paying bugger all in real terms for their food, to charging 100quid for something that is a perfect creation.
    And before you start, no I am not a chef. I have Food Services experience. But I am sick of people in this country who when someone does well all we want to do is shoot them down.
    Ramsey is a very good team builder, and if you watch him he is very good at taking people who are nervous and lacking confidence and builds them up. If you saw him on faking it, then this was a very good insight.
    As for his outbursts, thats nought. My best mate is a head chef/owner of a resturant and when a waiter dropped a steak on the floor as he went out of the kitchen...well, it made ramsey look like lamb.
    Ramseys like that, because in a commercial kitchen it is dog eat dog, hence the enormous rate of alcholism, drugs, breakdowns and suicides.
    phew, sorry lads for ranting like that, but credit where its due and all that.
  12. i think he's fcukin brilliant his own skill backs up his words and results count.

    Also he teaches before he starts ripping into people i remember working in kitchens before i joined up the best ones were high pressure places.

    By the way who else laughed their arrses of when he came back to that restaurant and stole all that blokes staff for his own place.
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Dear all, I don't think G Ramsay is the bees knees - I also think he is the bees knees.

    Now how did I come to that. Look back at your own time in recruit training, you were beasted around the square morning to night, you hated the Drill Pig, he was totally unfair, allowed no lapse in concentration - he was the barsteward standing at the edge of the square as you (not him) 'Passed Off' as the smarteest soldiers ever to serve (and you believed it even though that was not exactly correct).

    What does not come across in the programme - because it ain't TV watchable- is the plate arriving at the table and the chef responsible feeling GREAT. This is a prog about recruits - cooking or otherwise - they are learning a trade, it looks good on TV to GR shouting all the time.
  14. That's all fine and dandy chaps, but the true question is............can he make a proper egg banjo?
  15. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I suspect that I would have to refer you back to the previous thread on which the sad. sad person used ciabatta rather than stale white.

    However I am reluctant to do that because Canteen-Cowboy seems to think that the egg banjo has been done to a turn! :wink:

    Maybe we should start on the bacon butty - or would that offend some people?