Gordon Ramsey Christmas Tips

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by exdropshort, Dec 21, 2011.

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  1. Here's a Christmas Tip for Gordon Ramsey. Fuck off you has-been cunt. WH Smiths are knocking your books out for a fiver, a sure sign that everyone has had it with your hard-man, foul-mouthed, tough guy but friend of the Beckhams and had plastic surgery persona. And your restaurants are haemorrhaging cash too you chancing fucker. The downward slide to some obscure country pub with a less than average kitchen has begun. So long sucker!

    Now Tani/Tanya Ramsay, I would...

    Merry Christmas
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  2. Calm down dear, he's only a cook :pl:
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  3. So then PMU, Your not a fan of him then?
  4. Is it obvious? Thought I covered it quite well?
  5. How about I send his wife an axe for Christmas, she can chop him up and save us the misery of listening to the whining twat.
  6. More good news from The New York Post

    Gordon Ramsay has run into some tax troubles -- about $2 million worth.

    The bleep-happy chef has been socked with three tax bills since last Christmas in connection with his New York restaurant, which has had wobbly finances ever since it opened in 2006, according to reports yesterday.

    After several years of lukewarm reviews and empty tables, the hot-tempered chef sold the New York restaurant, Gordon Ramsay at The London, last December to the hotel where it is located on West 54th Street.

    Read more: Gordon Ramsay owes $2M in taxes - NYPOST.com

    And in the spirit of kicking a man whilst he's down -
    Four members of Gordon Ramsay's family suing the chef for sacking them in a 'public hanging' | Mail Online

    I also hear some local gossip,but I cannot repeat that at the moment.
  7. While my nephew was in Selly Oak with a lead headache, Gordon was across the road in the accommodation sorted by Jeremy Clarkson cooking Christmas dinner for my sister and other relatives.
  8. He's been out to Afghan at least twice I know of.
  9. Never seen his shows or understood all the raving about how fucking good he is - even over here in Oz. Is he as good as everyone makes out? I tend to prefer PMU's word picture of Mr. Ramsey.

    Now, as an aside - Nigella lawson - I'd eat the corn out of her shit.
  10. Cheers for that, like to get a bit of clarity. Might have to pay attention next time he comes on the tele.
  11. "but his skill in the kitchen is second-to-none."

    Did that come from his PR department?
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  12. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
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    He needs to get a celebrity chef in to help turn his restuarant around then, perhaps make a show of it. They could call it, Gordon Ramsay's kitchens a nightmare. I think it would make good TV.
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  13. But they would need some loud mouthed obnoxious over-rated jock cunt to front the programme.
    Any thoughts?
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