Gordon nicks "gulags for slags" from Griffin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ritchie-Hook, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. I disagree. It's a great idea!
  2. And, thankfully, they've both got roughly the same chance of being Prime Minister after the next election. :D
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Ever wondered why the Conservatives are keeping their cards close to their chest?

    There's your answer - 3 elections full of ideas stolen from the opposition by Labour for their manifesto.

    This is one reason why Labour keep banging on to the Conservatives about their lack of policies - because they want to know what they are, so they can add them to Gordon's manifesto. Gordon has no ideas of his own, and his party is a busted flush.

    They are so desperate for policy ideas, they'll grab what they can from the hard-right, and do as many u-turns as it takes to get some votes.

    One year it's - "They are OUR feckless sl@gs, and we must support them. These are the poor, and they are our reason for being here! This is the bread AND the water of the Labour party!"

    Merely 12 months on: "Fecking untermensch - bang them all up and don't feed them! They cost the rich too much money!"
  4. My concern wasn't the validity of the policy, more the sources that, in his increasing desparation, GB is turning to for policies.
  5. Fecking anything to stay in power eh?

  6. Oh I see. I think the BNP have some good policies. If they were to tone down the hard-core right wing racist/facist ideas then I think they'd have a good chance of getting some votes. If they became more center-right they'd do quite well IMO.

    But....as it happens.....they're not, and won't get my vote.
  7. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Current rating you are doing the BNP down there, aren't you? :D
  8. This is similar to what is used in the Netherlands. A very high and detailed level of sex education partnered with very little government support for young single mums (everything is put back on to the family for support). Means they have some of the most liberal sex laws in Europe yet still have one of the lowest teen pregnancy rates. So just because the BNP voiced it first over here doesn't necessarily make it a bad idea.

    I hasten to add I do not support the BNP.
  9. Seconded, but it'll never happen: the (sub)Human Rights lawyers will rip it to pieces. :roll:
  10. a stuck clock is right twice a day :roll:
    to be fair supported housing is probably a better idea for some young parents but could either be some sort of prison camp so fail.
    Or party central would just be as bad :(
  11. Well the [ahem] young ladies [/ahem] who found themselves in these homes would have shown themselves to be [ahem] somewhat free with their affections [/ahem].

    Could the system be made to pay for itself by them providing similar [ahem] companionship [/ahem] for the relationshp challenged ;)
  12. A sort of Arbeit Mit Fries?

    I'll wear me coat over me head 'til I get into the van, thanks.
  13. Indeed. There are no free houses over here, nor free money for teenage mums, hence you almost never see any. If I remember correctly, they are the responsibility of their parents until they hit 21, at which point it is subsidised childcare and off to work with you!

    Unfortunately, I do think that they go a little too far on what they tell the kids about sex when, but they are taught in no uncertain terms that being a single teenage mum is A Bad Thing.

    A number of months ago I remember a British studio show exploring the idea that teenage motherhood should be in fact celebrated rather than condemned. BBC, natch!
  14. What an outrage. Imagine us whiteys having to get by with only the Brits, MTV Awards, Indies, Mercury Prize... Downright disgrace if you ask me.

    I 'ad that Nick Griffin in the back of me cab once. Offered to suck me off to avoid the fare.