Gordon meets the People (NOT!)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bamber(Phil), Apr 10, 2010.

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  1. Gordon came to our town yesterday and stopped right at the end of our street (wish i,d had a sniper rifle...easy head shot from 100M)
    There,s a playing field next too my house and i,ve never seen it so clean...normally it,s a sea of burger boxes and beer cans.I said that to the sky news bloke and he said it,s the same every were.Now I also know why the community youth centre got a new sign above the door and why they were steaming off all the bubble gum from the pavements on tuesday!!!
    So Gordon goes into the youth centre and meets all the loverly youth (Normally they,re in the park drinking cider,etc)
    Out side the centre 7 black youths and 1 white are happilly having a kick about with a ball.Gordon goes and speaks to them,ignoring the few white people that had gathered.2 people holding balloons with anti labour logo,s on had them confiscated for "Security reasons"
    Next he goes into the community centre to give a speach.then goes off in his motorcade of flash armoured Limo,s, like J.F.Kennedy.
    One of the photographers said it wasn,t worth even coming to take shots of the pratt because it,s the same on all Browns visits,more photographers than people.
    Any way at least we had the gum removed,but only along the route Brown was taking,the rest of the shopping centre never got a look in!!!! and we actually had the park cleaned up at last.
    ROLL ON 6TH MAY!!!
  2. Common sense really, they could have been full of Anthrax.
  3. Point taken,could even have been nerve gas!!!
    They didn,t have respirators so they could have been suicide balloon bombers!!!
    Scary...you just have to be really aware of white middle aged couples these days.
  4. Perhaps, knowing the fragile state of the PM's mental health, his minders were worried Gordon Clown would see the balloons and go off on one, licking windows and whatnot?

  5. Mmm remember that one, sadly less pirates around these days ;)
  6. Perhaps, knowing the fragile state of the PM's mental health, his minders were worried Gordon Clown would see the balloons and go off on one, licking windows and whatnot? :elephant:

    Hahahhaa... yes absolutely..... maybe Gordo thinks he is the President of Greater England, London...... and that his 'Special Advisor', Lord XXXX Shhhh!! is really Captain Jack of the Secret Service Organisation Torchwood located in the Bunker under Paddintgon Station.... :shakefist:
  7. I'm surprised the council didn't just clean the half Cyclops Buffoon could see with his good eye 8O
  8. Commissar Gordon Brown - the man who keeps the legacy of East Germany alive (if not well). Sinister guy, and toxic to the well-being of our nation. I cannot exaggerate my loathing for him, or for Comrade Blair who preceded him. I do not want to use the term loosely, but I believe they are both genuinely evil.

    I just hope that if Gordon ventures out in daylight, at least some of the gullible electorate will see him for the menace that he is.
  9. Care to elaborate on this as I seem to have missed it. :(

    As for the comment about brown keeping the legacy of East Germany alive, when Germans ask me why I left the UK, I point out that under the current government that it is like the former DDR. You should see the bemusement on their faces. :D

    Probably they are 'poor' following thirteen years of raised taxes by 'Cyclops'.
  11. Brown doesn't meet 'the people'… Brown only meets carefully pre vetted party faithful on safe Labour turf who ask pre selected questions to allow Gordon to deliver his pre rehearsed soundbite.
  12. Isquared

    I see you have been tagged as an "oxygen thief" too...What a laugh,blokes on here constantly go on about "Freedom of speech",yet the minute you don,t follow the party line,or don,t agree with everybody else,s opinion you get tagged...like some sort of leper,pathetic really.
    To tag somebody as a boring twat is the same as what,s going on in Iran...not human freedom....wonder if we,ll get 200 lashes or a public hanging? Or just have one hand cut off for speaking our minds!
  13. The Conservatives have the right idea, but are dogged by a few genuine 'toffs' and limp-wristed leadership.

    The Lib Dems have their hearts in the right place, but are let down by unfounded idealism that makes their policies unworkable.

    Labour are a serious threat to our freedom and everything our parents and grandparents fought and died for. They lie, manipulate, scaremonger and threaten in their power-crazed bid to 'own' us and control every aspect of our lives.

    This story is a simple extension of that. Paint the grass green, smile, promise a 'future fair for all' whilst manoeuvring behind the scenes to crush any opposition and increase their own power.
  14. [​IMG]

    Brown on tour in his own constituency this morning, not many normal "voters" or electorate here!
  15. And here, courtesy of the times is the "airbrushed" clown: