Gordon....me an me dad just did this after a few bevvies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by andrejwout, Apr 4, 2010.

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  1. the election postering has started in true fashion.....this is our quick contri...thought people here might smile...or wince...whichever

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  2. Crap thread and wrong forum, 0/10 :roll:
  3. He does'nt need the writing you put on there to make him look like the complete tool he already is.
  4. thats true...granted...supposed to me a laugh ..just a silly mock up for a torie billboard poster....imagine seeeing that as u drove down wandsworth
  5. If you are going to do this sort of thing at least learn English and how to spell.
  6. eh...how did you work out the english is wrong
  7. Oh I don't know, little things like Capitalisation and punctuation.
  8. oh behave yrself...you ****ing tosser.....its just a pissed up larf...get a grip of yrself....jumped up little twat////
  9. Oh dear.
  10. Well I thought it was funny-just ignore the moaning tosspots! :D
  11. Wtf has this got to do with Current Affairs, News and Analysis?

    Here's a hint you fucking mong, try the Naafi. :roll:
  12. As the Cameron poster is in all today's papers & on the tv news,what does that make you? :slow:
  13. Let me guess, someone who can post in the correct forum. ;)

    Like I said, this should be in the Naafi or better, The Hole.
  14. whatever....if it worries you so much and you wanna be so fuckin unpleasant...your problem....and as the man said, it s very topical ......just a bit of fun ad cant see how you'd be such a **** over it. If you didnt think it was especially funny then do the normal thing and keep it zipped...why bother hasslin someone for no good reason...