Gordon having a bad day

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, May 5, 2010.

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  1. Gorden brown is haveing a bad day on the Nicky Cambell radio show on radio 5 live, people asking some very interesting questions and he is not not giveing a very good responce
  2. Good. The worse the better. Cnut.
  3. Sounds just like any day since he's been PM what's new! I really wish though that someone would walk behind him shouting deadman walking like in the green mile :D
  4. lets face the good news, Gordons out.
    Both as PM and party leader, hes fecked-up big time since teflon tony quit the job to try for 1st prez of the EU, and the reds will dump him as the liability he is after the hammering they are going to get over the next few days, its going to be a re-branding ex for them in a few years (again), Nu-Nu-Labour perhaps?
    I'm surprised there hasn't been more red-rats jumping the sinking party ship TBH.
  5. So good of you to tell me how the election will go - I shan't bother voting then eh? This election is going to be damned close, end of.

    That said - and I swear this is true, walking through town this morning I was trapped behind two Women who represented a Galleon in full sail.

    They walk past a (Lib Dem) election poster.

    Lady1 "Who are you voting for?"

    Lady2 "Oh I'm not sure. I think I'll just vote for the ones whose poster I pass last on the way to the Polling Station. I mean, thats fate isn't it?"

    Not a mention of policy, personality etc. Fate. Oh how I chuckled as I imagined crushing her Trachea under my thumbs....
  6. Listened to Alan Johnson this morning on Radio 4. Yet another arrsehole who thinks the sun shines out of Broon's backside. One of his comments was that Mr Brown has given more foreign aid than anyone else. I probably agree with that statement but can't they see that it's this country that's so fukked up that the money should be staying here instead of propping up corrupt regimes in other parts of the world. How many countries send money to us? I'd go for "zero".

    Anyway, on your bike Mr Brown and take the rest of the corrupt non-entities with you.
  7. It will very different when the boy Milliband takes over the reins.
  8. Exactly, yet another whose whole life experience (so far) puts him on a par with my son-in-law. And there's another one I wouldn't let near a decision!
  9. My bold: Fully agree & will be interesting to see if the 'predicted polls' are a reflection of the day of voting (even though it's only a sample)

    Nothing is in the bag.
  10. Oh yes... the Millibands... a perfect example of the dangers posed by immigrants!!
  11. Latest polls give tory 35%, lab 29%, lib 27% other 9%

    Put those numbers into here http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/election_2010/8609989.stm and cyclops gets first dibs at forming a government.

    Just look at where the labour voters come from! Why are people who live north of watford gap so stupid?
  12. Years and years of labour edukashun.
  13. the man with lung cancer has just put everything into its real perspective

    the fear and panic in his voice as this man is telling Brown hes dying and being fcuked about by red tape. hes asking Brown to tell him where is his so called prioritising of the care of lung cancer patients and hes getting no answer except platitudes

    this is THE greatest example ive seen so far of how out of touch with normal people this government, and politicians in general, has become and also who in the end has to pay for their cockups
  14. Can't believe the DWP told him to get a job. There are able bodied people I know on incapacity and they don't get pestered to get a job