Gordon for PM?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rajaz, Feb 1, 2005.

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  1. Bring it on! I want a Socialist Britain!

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  2. I'm going to be sick at the thought of it!

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  3. I wish there was an effective opposition.

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  4. I'm moving my money offshore.

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  5. I quite like that Lib Dem chap, Kennedy

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  1. Have blood pressure pills at the ready.
  2. slightly biased poll.

    There shoulkd be at least one option for the tories (you did include the drunken scottish GWAR) and one for none of the above, im putting it all under my matress :twisted:
  3. Sorry, I thought the "I'm going to be sick at the thought of it" button would be enough.

    Hang on.

    I'll try and sort it out so's there's no confusion.
  4. i clicked moving my money off shore, i would be going with it. i have had enough of all this pc and left wing cr*p. it is a crying shame.
  5. Sorry guys, I wanted to add another option but I find I can't.

    For those of us who are absolutely opposed to the thought of The Dour Scottsman ever taking the reigns of power, please click the

    "I'm going to be sick at the thought of it" button.
  6. Dfor, keep a seat on the plane for me!

    I am seriously thinking about taking a long plane journey down under and emmigrating away from all this PC crap!

    Give me a shrimp on the barbie, a can of XXXX and a blonde shiela any day :D
  7. You'll be in the same company as Jim Davidson and Paul Daniels. They threatened to do the same
  8. If New Labour win again with the same majority, then we are really shafted. we will be assimilated into the EU, we will be taxed to death to make a Socialist Britain work, we will see the demise of the Monarchy and as for us in the Forces, well old Red Ken will get his wish of disband the Army and arm the people....cause there will be feck all left of an Army by that time :evil:

  9. If anyone thinks the Tories, Lib Dems or the Monster Raving Loony Party won't cut the forces to the bone when they get the chance, then they are sadly deluded. Tories have previous on this - worse than than this shower. The sad thing is most people don't care

    The EU thing is dead - the electorate will never swallow it and the politicos know it - it has to be voted on (despite what the Daily Mail tells you) and it'll never happen. Trading together is good - greater cultural ties too. The superstate thing has just as much opposition from the normal French,Germans etc as it does here in the UK
  10. Don't you believe it, if the vote goes against them, then they'll try again in a few years after brain-washing us. Mandelbum-bandit admitted it in a TV interview.

    New Labour want us in the EU...lock, stock and bloody barrel....and they will lie, cheat and conieve to get us there :evil:

    In case you haven't guessed......I hate the EU :wink:
  11. I detect ...issues.
  12. Not so much.......issues, as I hate being lied to (ask that QA from Woolwich back in 89 :roll: ) and treated like a brain dead moron. Just because half of the country reads the Sun and are brain dead, does not mean we all are!!
  13. "The superstate thing has just as much opposition from the normal French,Germans etc as it does here in the UK"
    The Krauts and the Frogs where all for the EU when it was their private club to rape and pillage as they would.
    The Cheerac says he will give the frog in the pond a vote on the new enlarged EU knowing they have grown fat and appy robbing the old system blind, will ya frog vote for a new fair sysytem, Libertei, Equalitei and all that poo?
    No never, and Ze kraut is biding his time as per .
  14. My money's offshore, I'm offshore and I keep to the 90 day rule. We have a Socialist govt. here but the vast majority ignore it - our local govt is Conservative and beats the odd ten bells out of the nationalists, socialists and other nobber hangers on so that aint bad. The beach is great in Summer and the whole boiling lot of Red Kens, Bliar, Gordon etc can go hang. I'll still vote Tory from here though, everything counts!
  15. where is this paradsie you talk of zofo? :D