Gordon Ceaucescus Feet of Clay

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by seaweed, May 19, 2009.

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  1. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    The PM has announced that nobody who 'broke the rules' may stand as a Labour candidate. However, as all his miscreant MPs have been at pains to point out that their expense claims were approved as being within the 'rules', the PM's statement has no meaning whatever, except to show that he still doesn't 'get it'.

    He has an opportunity to demonstrate that his tin ear has been a touche tuned by publicly stating that he will not be recommending Gorbals Mick for a peerage, since he has resigned in dubious circumstances, unlike his predecessors. However I have no doubt that Gordon lacks the moral courage to do this. A peerage for someone who has personally overseen the trashing of the reputation of the Mother of Parliaments would just be plain revolting.
  2. Broken the rules?
    A bit fukking difficult for an MP to do that isn't it? Seeing as they write the rules to suit themselves and excempt themselves from anything they don't like.
    Isn't it a shame the rest of us cannot pcik the laws we wish to apply to us?

    Hang them all, nothing less will do.
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    with 1.0 shark hooks through their troughing snouts so we can throw rocks at them.
  4. If that floats your boat Biscuits then knock yerself out :D
    However, I sincerely believe that hanging is the just punishment for what these corrupt thieves have done to our country.

    Excuse me for a moment, Brown is having a news conference so I'm off to throw things at the telly.
  5. I find it hard to believe that I'm going to be fair to Brown here, but...

    Claiming for a mortgage which you've already paid off is not in the rules, so he's saying that Morley and Chaytor [sp] will not be standing at the next election.
  6. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    ah, but they were honest mistakes that they bitterly regret. and anyway it was their PA's that submitted those receipts. In America. or something.

    so it wasnt really *their* fault after all... :roll:
  7. Morley didn't break the rules then, claiming for a mortgage that wasn't there, as with Chaytor?
  8. Two extremes that got away with it for a long time (how many more yet to emerge as doing the same)
    They have had tens of thousands without question, the only reason they have faced disciplinary action is because the whole of Parliament has been caught with their fingers in the till.

    They didn't break any rules until they were caught out in public. Nobody in Parliament batted an eyelid about it until the public got a bit upset.
    Even after getting caught stealing from the public purse they are told they will have to return the proceeds of their crimes. Not yet any mention of prosecution. No fear of any action had they not been publically caught out. When it did start to come out in the papers Parliaments collective response was to try and prevent the truth emerging.

    So no, they ar enot being punished the way any of us would be, the rules mean jack shit.
    Even now they are being reluctantly applied, with as little action as possible being taken.
    If they followed the same rules as the rest of us they would be in the cells at the local Police Station awaiting a rather unpleasant interview. Not for them though is it? They have their wrists slapped and thats about it.

    If the "rules" are only applied restrospectively when they get caught out then the rules mean sweet fukk all do they?
  9. Not within the rules?
    No it isn't. However it was freely allowed to happen wasn't it? We suddenly find that "the rules" are suddenly being applied after years of ignoring them.
    A rule that is not enforced or paid any heed too is not a rule.
  10. Brown didn't freely allow it though did he? It was the Civil Servants in the Fees Office.
  11. Jagman said

    "They didn't break any rules until they were caught out in public. Nobody in Parliament batted an eyelid about it until the public got a bit upset"

    How could other MPs know that the two were breaking the rules in this way. Do they put big notices in the windows of thir parliamentay offices saying "I'm claiming for a mortgage that I haven't got"?

    Of course they didn't, they didn't even tell the Fees Office that did they?
  12. Are you for real?
    Do you really think the answer to all of this festering mess is to blame the civil servants?
    The Fee's Office did not force MP's to commit fraud did they?
    Scores of MP's have been stealing from us and you sit there and say it is the fault of civil servants for allowing them to do so?
    Go away and have a word with yourself.
  13. Stable Door horse and Bolts, Brown and Martin got these all in the wrong order. Martin presided over a Commons fees office that was sloppy in its checking and examination of the rules. MP's themselves sign a document when claiming to say the the amounts claimed are a true record of expenditure incurred by them necessary for their duties in the house. Clearly some of those statements were incorrect.

    MP's are to blame for claiming, the Speaker is to blame for the chaos in the fees office which led to fraudulent payments (even if they were in the rules),
  14. Let's hope Gordon goes the same was as Ceaucescu did on Christmas Day 1989,followed by Gorbals Mick,then Ashie!.
  15. Can I be on the Firing party!