Gordon Browns first taste of power

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Weissbier, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. Browns first taste of power was Blairs C*ck!
  2. I am told by a reasonably reliable source that the miserable, sour-faced megalomaniac is an admin vortex. Apparently his personal admin is in clip, to the etxent that a lacky has to ensure that the bog is flushed after him. Now that may be a scurrilous rumour, but the bloke who told me ........

    If, however, it's true then how can he expect to lead this country.

    And why has he developed that irritating, lopsided and false grin - shallow basteward. this country's in for a rough time over the next two years when he gets in - I for one am sick of good old high-taxing socialist policies from a dour jock.
  3. It just confirms what most (not all, Sven!) Arrsers think about Broon; he is a mediocre, self-centred tw@t with ideas of his station in life much bigger than his abilities to fill the post. God help us when the sh1t gets the keys to Number 10.
  4. When I have a spare day or two I shall read the whole thread.

    Thanks for posting it. Most illuminating and confirming my worst fears - the man is a d*ck-brain, a d*ck-brain with a 1st class degree but a d*ck-brain nevertheless.

    'Sven' my old banana, where are you?

    Brown is being lambasted on these pages and not a peep in his defence. You are spoiling our fun old fruit. Come on, get stuck into us - we love it !
  5. Metaphorically speaking of course!
  6. Ah Lsquared

    I would love to say that I spent last night carrying out political tasks but as it is, I was playing a game of strategic planning on political, military and economic basis. As He is in a town far away from mine and He is a working man we only get chance in the early evening.
  7. A working man? is that like a working girl except at least prostitution is an honorable profession?
  8. Brown got a first in History, which in my opinion demonstrates the guys high intellect. The praises of His political opponents gives further evidence of his IQ.

    That He is controlling is also a matter of record, but then - how many tories survived disagreeing with Obersturmbanfuhrer Thatcher in Her 'glory' years. Not even Her favourites had that privilage.

    When it comes down to it, He has up to three years for You to slag down His performance as PM and then You can vote Him out - but will that happen :cyclopsani:

    Personally I want Campbell inaugerated as PM but in the likely event of a hung parliament, I will be satisfied with PR and control after the following election
  9. Seems like that senior civil servant's latest description of Brown was quite accurate.

    The words ****, manipulative, power-hungry, and geek come to mind!
  10. That coming from a man who thinks that a first at one of the top universities in the UK is not a sign of intelligence.

    Cad indeed
  11. It isn't, it is a sign of being able to work hard and remember facts. It is only at PhD level that you are allowed to develop your own ideas and show how intelligent you really are.
  12. The civil servant in question began his career with the Tories and grew up in the Conservative politicisation of the Civil Service - no wonder that He comes out with a diatribe against one of the people that spanked so hard (and on three occasions) the people to whom He sold His soul
  13. Sven wrote: When it comes down to it, He has up to three years for You to slag down His performance as PM and then You can vote Him out - but will that happen.

    The leader of our country should be voted for by the people. If Brown wants to stand for PM, let Blair call a general Election and let the people speak.

    Besides which, why should England have a Scottish PM when they are not able to vote said politician from power because he has no seat in England?

    The whole situation makes a mockery of democracy.
  14. Good man Sven! Good point about Thatcher and her 'wets'. I've said many times in the past that she just burned everyone out. If guys were not up to it she fired them - end of story.

    However, I'm sure you will agree she was elected (and un-elected!) by her party AND the country. Seems Brown will not do either. Elections not de rigeur in the Kremlin either!

    Looking forward to you and The_Cad jousting away - could be worth living for. Nothing else is in Bliar's bleak and blasted wreck of a nation!

    PS. Good point rickshaw-major well made! Each to his own though!

    PPS. All this "All men are equal" nonsense - I have two umbrellas! I expect Brown will tax 'two umbrella' families in line with his politics of envy philosophy.