Gordon Browns Afghan Speech

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by King_of_the_Burpas, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. He's just finished speaking.

    It was a much longer speech than is usual and was clearly designed to save his own skin: Downing Street has began to realise that the press, if not the public, will chastise him at the GE for defence failures as well as for all the other disasters he has inflicted on us / himself.

    It was very expansive. He made a point of reminding the audience of Pakistan's importance as a safe haven for AQ and he stressed the need for other coalition countries to pull their weight in the region.

    He also committed UK forces to "speeding up" the training of a much larger Afghan security force, moving from "mentoring" to "co-operating" with them.

    Everything seems to have got bigger: more resources, more training, more possible areas of operation, more coalition engagement, more money pumped into Afghanistan, more efforts to stop fundamentalist distortion of the Islamic faith.

    When will they announce that yet more troops will be needed to do all this?

    That might be a job for Bob Ainsworth. He was there, but was under strict orders to keep his gob shut and so made no contribution to the event at all.
  2. I found it didn't ring true. Obviously he doesn't write the speeches himself, but he didn't seem to make much of an effort with it. But yes, massive amount of arrse covering!
    And also, he needs to learn how to pronounce al-Qa'ida properly, got very annoying.
  3. Clearly it was a speech written for him, and he didnt bother to read through it before trying to deliver it. He staggered and stuttered with a lot of words, and it really sounded like he was reading from a book.

    Nothing really new in the speech except for 20million more cash, and advancing the Afghan troop training problem by 12 months. He did declare that up to 3000 troops would be deployed to "partner" an Afghan Army of 10,000 or so troops, so I guess the next announcement will be an increase in troop deployments, probably as per usual without the relevant armour/helo increase.
  4. How long will it take to train a Pashtun army to garrison areas of Afghanistan that are being attacked by Pashtun tribesmen and their Taliban brothers?
  5. Brown hs made many speeches and many promises before.
    He has never old the truth before, don't expect him to have done so this time round.

    He is so dishonest you would need to count your fingers aferwards if the cnut shook your hand.
  6. Not having listened to Pa Broon's bleating, as I don't want to spoil my Day today....Its all probably being said for publicity, and to save McRuin's skin politically as he still has to face the Liarbor 'Knees-up' at Brighton Conference Centre at the end of this month. There, he can be guaranteed some heckling, demonstrations and possible embarassment. But it will all be stage-managed to keep the Left out and any hecklers at bay.

    As for the actual contents of McBroon's speech, well he might be trying to be honest about the training efforts put into of the Afghan Police and National Army. However the standard of recruits that have been seen on TV takes much to be desired, and any Western input into training might just all be a waste of time in the long term as they resort to corruption and slovenly practices after US, UK & NATO trainers have left. But it has to be supposed the efforts have to be made.

    As for 'More UK Soldiers, materiel, money etc'... well we will have to see.... Previous 'promises' by McLoon and others will have to be taken with a large pinch of salt, pepper and mustard....

    We will see what we shall see...... :?
  7. It's always 'more' in his speeches. But it is always less in reality. With Brown, you have to scrutinise the small print.

    No mention of 'more' pay for the troops, of course - let alone more helicopters, kit etc etc.

    And who in his/her right mind would believe a single word of what he says?
  8. The only thing he had on offer was 'more' commitment.

    Another little detail caught my ear. He admitted in the speech that there is a policy of paying dubious civilian helicopter companies to provide lift for supply deliveries to UK troops. Some of these East European companies are very, very dodgy indeed and cost vast amounts of unaccounted money.
  9. McDoom did state in his speech that he met relatives of the fallen and injured, could anyone within the limits of persec confirm this????
  10. Something I wondered about when he mentioned it, I`ve never heard of him meeting with any of the families of the fallen.
    A quick google brings up bugger all, if he had done I`m assuming the media would`ve been informed by some spin merchant in the government.
    Is it another of his porkies, I`d like to see the twat come a cropper on that point alone.
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    There's nothing new there - NATO and the UK have used - and are using - all sorts of air transport heli companies, and have done for several years. If you haven't noticed this before (e.g. the shooting down of one two months ago, the several that have been hit by ground fire other than that) then I suggest you read up before posting :)

    And as for using 'unaccounted money' - bollox, there is no such thing.
  12. I have read up on them - both the Mi-8 run by Vertikal-T and the other Ukrainian crewed Mi-26 that was brought down by ground fire.

    Some of the companies involved have been investigated by the UN for dodgy cargoes and dodgy air safety records, not least in Nepal and various African countries in earlier conflicts.

    There is evidence that they charge much higher rates for work in Afghanistan than the government has been letting on.

    Posting was a good idea: you're saying that "several have been hit by ground fire"? I didn't know until I posted that the numbers involved were as high as that.
  13. I think that is what is known as "buying off the tribes" and for those who don't agree that we can learn from british colonial forward policy in Afghanistan, it's been done before.

    However: "You can't buy an Afghan, only rent one."
  14. Vertikal-T

    I worked with a VT crew in herat in 2004 and they were a great bunch. can't say much about the airworthiness of their wocca but it didn't crash in the 9 months I worked with them.

    I got a quote from VT in 2005 to have one of their birds in helmand and they wanted $8,000 a flying hour. needless to say, i couldn't get sign off on that!
  15. Another cvntish speech by a total cvnt.