Gordon Browns £45m backing for new British film centre

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Bridger, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. It pains me to paste any link to the bloody guardian however... in the midst of a bloody recession, having:

    a) pumped a trillion pounds into the banking system
    b) soldiers and their families living in slums
    c) chopped the entire TA training for the year

    "We" can still find 45 million pounds to fund a fcuking film centre

    As a taxpayer and a soldier, am I wrong to feel a little peeved at this????



    "These are challenging economic times, but with backing from the public and private sector, the new film centre demonstrates Britain's commitment to supporting the arts and our determination to invest in leading creative industries as part of our economic recovery."

    ....so are we're effectively demostrating Britains commitment to its armed forces....
  2. Could be worse, he could throw a few million at Fairtrade bollox too.....
  3. The British film industry is relatively succesful, and employs many people. Not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion to spend money on cultural projects.
  4. On a serious note, the film industry should be used to boost positive feeling about being British.
    In the days of old when movies made in Britain about British "general good things" national pride was much higher. Co-incedental?
  5. "Brown, better known as a bibliophile but also an enthusiastic film goer, has given his personal backing to the project. His last cinema visit was to his local Odeon in Kirkcaldy when he went to see Slumdog Millionaire"

    .... persumably a film about a neer do well who becomes and MP and then rapes his expenses account????
  6. Don't tell the TA.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    So, a few thousand TA soldiers twiddling their thumbs while the Afghan Rome burns for the sake of £57 million, but that's OK, we can watch a film about it.
  8. Why not just get the 45 most successful British directors and actors together and ask them to chuck in a million or so in small change. They wouldn't notice the difference surely.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Good point - how much is JK Rowling worth these days? She's been made uber, uber rich on the back of her books and the UK film industry. Maybe she could pay for the next 6 months of TA training without it making a dent in her purse.
  10. JK Rowling has better causes to donate her money too.

  11. Jagman - you will be suggesting next that the Luvvies in the film industry might be a little left of centre in their political views. But that would be pure bribery wouldn't it? As if labour would pander to their supporter immediately prior to an election

    Edited to say: I spotted the typo above and was going to correct it but but on reflection singular supporter is probably right
  12. Well if they are successful why pump money into it? Surely they could re-invest their own success?
  13. I wouldn't dare suggest that this government has any history of using public money or manipulating the law in any way to return favours to those who contribute to party coffers, or even those who do personal favours for government ministers or bung a brown envelope in the right direction.

    No Sir, I wouldn't suggest that at all. Bernie Eccleston wouldn't have anything to say on the matter either.

    On the other hand, if you happened to take a look at Sovereign Stratergy (or one or two other similar companies) you wouldn't find any evidence there to suggest this Labour government scratches anybodies back in return for financial favours at all.

    I wouldn't for a moment suggest that bribery and corruption has occured even occasionally in this government, not even to question why EDF are doing so well in the UK these days despite the fact Mr Brown's brother is a senior executive in that same EDF.

    No, no suggestions of impropriety from me :thumright:
  14. The British film industry is very successfull, but suffers from chronic underfunding, so most of the bright young people in the industry end up going to the US or, in particular Canada to get their films funded. This means that much of the money earned goes back to foreign investers rather than coming to UK as dosh earned from exports. In the long tem this means less money coming in to help fund e.g., the UK military, the NHS etc etc. And the more tax we all have to pay.
  15. Of course,when Labour get re-elected next year,they will need propaganda films made.Maybe they are just sowing the seeds.