Gordon Brown

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Johnny_Norfolk, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. Isn't it strange that whenever our beloved PM finds himself in a crisis and being assailed on all fronts Gordon Brown disappears from sight? It happened in March with Cash for Peerages, in April when Prescott had his difficulties and now it's happening again. It brings to mind Harold Macmillan who, having goaded Eden into Suez, then conveniently disappeared and left Eden to stew in his own juice. But Macmillan inherited, having been Eden's Chancellor. Perhaps Gordon Brown has been reading his history books...
  2. I think we are all used to this happening now. I assume that this tactic keeps Brown, the appointed heir-apparent, out of the mire that will bring down TB.
  3. Sorry to spoil your tinfoil hat moment, but his missus had a baby two weeks ago- do you think there's a chance that this might have something to do with his absence from the TV cameras? Besides, although he's perceived as the PM in waiting, he's actually the Chancellor of the Exchequer and foreign and security policy aren't part of his brief.

    Basic principle of leadership- how would you view a situation where a 2i/c starts chipping in when his OC is trying to steer things along?
  4. Fair point in isolation. However, parenthood has not kept GB out of the news previously, whereas he has been conspicuous by his absence at every other moment of foreign policy or other controversy throughout New Labour's reign.

    Hardly tin-hat, nor I'm afraid, original. Its been commented on by most of the serious political journalists over last few years.

    By the way, GB has been raising his foreign policy and defence profile through various speeches and media events over the last 12 months.
  5. Don’t you think that failing to support Bliar our glorious leader shows a lack of moral courage on the part of Mong Broon. A serious defect for the supposed natural successor even when you consider the pronounced lack of backbone among the jellyfish of the Neu Arbeit party. Discuss.
  6. Interesting point- especially if you consider that a number of cabinet members appear to have finally grown a pair or two between them and started challenging the Celestial Navigator and started to rebel. He might be keeping schtum because he actually disagrees with him.
  7. Brown is cunning and promises to be worse than BLiar, of course he will distance himself from the bad news from BLiar's time and try to look the saintly nice guy who will be a better leader..... promises to be worse than BLair, lets hope Nu Labour can split sufficiently they go for a 3rd choice, such as when the tories went for Hauge...... I know its a big ask, and its too late to repair a lot of damage that BLiar has done in the past 10 years, but there is always hope
  8. Hmmmm. Perhaps I'm a cynic, but maybe he's keeping schtum so that once Bliar is in too deep to recover, he can slither in on a wave of disgust.
  9. I now hear that Blair has decided to stay and fight the next election as PM.
    Now what do you think Brown will think of that?.

    ( with thanks to Iain Dale)
  10. Anyone noticed the weird way Gordon Brown talks ? His lower jaw seems to click back mid sentence - very strange !
  11. Brown is inextricably linked to Bliar, the man (Like all politicians) is a cynical opportunist who thinks his recent conversion to "Britishness" will distract attention away from the fact that on most issues, he is joined at the hip with the supreme leader.

    Under no circumstances should Brown be allowed to seize power without Neue Arbeit calling a General Election. Not that this will happen soon, at least not until it has managed to import as many future Labour voters as possible.