Gordon Brown will cling to this war, no matter how unpopular

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. From The Times
    September 5, 2009
    Gordon Brown will cling to this war, no matter how unpopular
    Tom Baldwin: Commentary
    If Britain starts running for the exit door in Afghanistan, it may find that the entrance of the White House becomes almost as difficult to cross as the toughest terrain in the Tora Bora.

    There are, of course, many ties — language, culture, commerce and history — that bind Britain to the US. However, at a political and diplomatic level, Britain’s continued role in a war (that now belongs to President Obama as much as that in Iraq did to George Bush) is increasingly the sticky tape that holds a rather rackety “special relationship” together.

    Mr Obama is not, as some have suggested, prejudiced against Britain because of its chequered imperial past in Kenya and the land of his father. It is worse than that: he is just not very interested. As one seasoned Democratic foreign policy expert said: “Obama lacks both the sentimental attachment to the UK of past presidents and the understanding of how to use you as a diplomatic lever across the world.”

    Britain’s Ambassador Sir Nigel Sheinwald has, on occasions, been the subject of derisive sniggers from youthful White House staffers. Why, they ask, is a man whose bombast they routinely ignore, chauffeured around Washington in an oversized Bentley? While the Foreign Secretary David Miliband is still treated respectfully by Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, his efforts to engage on wider global policy issues with other figures in the Administration often are not
  2. If that is the case, then Gordon Brown is a nutter.

  3. How can there be 'surprise' at that...Let us not forget the 'mauling' that the 'Boy' milliband for he truly is that got at the hands of the Russian foreign minister some time ago where it was pointed out that Britain no longer counted one iota on the World stage and he personally could go and 'do one'...regretfully that was harsh but true, as has oft been mentioned, no life experience, no personality, truly out of his depth on the world stooge...sorry stage...
  4. Scene, a BBC documentary/news studio. Two chairs centre stage. One occupied by Broon, the other by a fearless newshound...or is it.

    Cuddles (for it is he): Prime Minister, many politicians suffer criticism of their policy during their lives in the knowledge history will reconsider and applaud them. (Broon nods sagely) How does it feel to know that in your case that will not happen, absolutely, not.

    Broon: Erm...eh what? Here, you're not Jeremy Paxman?

    Cuddles: Mr Paxman is "indisposed" Prime Minister...How would you describe your war leadership; awful, bloody awful or plain abysmal?

    Broon: I...what? You can't say that to me!

    Cuddles: Just did. moving on, why on earth can't you admit that as a war leader you have all the credentials of a pig with a Rolex. He likes the look but hasn't got the first clue about what to do with it? You knacker.

    Broon: You can't speak to me like that, I am Generalissimo, Unelected leader for life....guards! Seize him.

    Cuddles: Feck of cyclops...and now the weather...there will be light golden drizzle (unzips fly) all over your reputation you arrogant, vainglorious idiot. (Commeces to wee on Broon.)

    Of course this will never happen on the BBC...or will it??
  6. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    '(Commences to wee on Broon.)'

    except he'd probably enjoy that bit, the cnut.
  7. You can spot a Fox News-style hit job from a mile off:

    "some have suggested"
    "one seasoned Democratic foreign policy expert said"
    "youthful White House staffers"

    Yes, it's the old anonymous/off-the-record article.

    "Some have suggested" that The Times has been doing this for years!
  8. Scene, a BBC documentary/news studio. Two chairs centre stage. One occupied by Broon, the other by ashie..

    Broon: ashie.

    ashie: yes your greatness.

    Broon: lick my boots and crawl up my arse.

    ashie: yes, oh perfect one.
  9. You say that as though it's a bad thing!
  10. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    ashie: I can't. Could you remove your nappy please Swampy?
  11. Cuddles - can you just confirm that he's on fire, and needs to be put out, right?!
  12. Any action he does or dosent take will never put him in harms way.If the system applied the security protecols to all our servicemen and women that he gets then we may get somewhere . Brown cannot justify our involvement in Afganistan but will put the lives of service personnel at risk to maintain the "Just Cause" .Destroy the poppy fields give the Afaghanies a one off payment in compensation. Any more poppies grown agent orange the fields,withdraw all forces. If genocide happens it is of that nations choosing. there has got to be more Good people than bad. How is it possible Afgahnistan can be so incapable of looking after itself.
  13. I imagine that having very few educated citizens, a population that thinks tribal rather than national and a smashed up infrastructure would be a hindrance. Of course, you can also add fundamentalist religious lunatics to the pot, they are never a source of joy and enlightenment.

    The problem we have is that our PM thinks he can fix all that on a shoestring buget.
  14. Obviously not. If he was on fire I wouldn't p1ss on him...unless a miraculous conversion of my micturatory system produced pure AVGAS!