Gordon Brown - "We are the insurgents"

Radio 4 Today programme this morning; GB was asked how he rated his chances in the forthcoming election as the underdog. His reply (I am positive I heard correctly) was that "I recognise that we (Labour) are the insurgents....."

An odd turn of phrase or has old one eye been keeping more than flab under his jacket? 8O
Drop a box of manifestos on the one-eyed insurgent git!
What are the ROE for insurgents on the UK mainland currently... and could he be persuaded to travel by tube one day? :wink: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Maybe he will storm the Houses of Parliament with his Stormtroopers even if they lose the election.


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Will he make a wonky video with his tie round his head blaming the British people for everything

Why dosen't he declare a Gotterdammerung Like uncle Adolf so we can start blowing things up
more spin and obfusication by Neu Arbeit
Sound bite management must flippin love Cyclops, he doesn't half spout a load of drivel.
He's not the only insurgent in Brighton this week

terrorist on recce in Brighton

I know it's the Stun, but does anyone else feel like signing out the keys on this story!!
Well I've always thought the Labour Party were a bunch of terrorists hell bent on destroying this country…

At least Gordon has finally admitted it.
Mr McRuin says.... "We of the Labour Party are the Good(s)..... but some of the Goods are Odd..... !" :?

Very odd methinks..... maybe he is loosing the plot...... Maybe he had to come off his Happy Pills for a few days to 'prove' that he is still the 'Full Quota'.... now that he's back on them again.... he's into a kind of 'Mind Fek'... and loosing it :roll:

.... all alleged of course..... and of course, he didn't say the above... 8O
Mr_Deputy said:
Ridiculous thing to say. Unreal. Tool.
Well, quite.

Does this mean that all the lads can now be brought home from Afghanistan and tasked with new orders: to seek out and destroy the "insurgents" back here at home? We could even give them the chief insurgent's precise location, exact GPS co-ordinates and home address(es), so it's not like they'll have to black-up or go on a hunter mission.

I bet they'd take to the task with relish - just tell them on the inbound C-130 that they're going to be given free-rein on the tossers who've been treating them with utter contempt and denying them all the essential kit they've been needing ever since being sent into harm's way...

And to find that this voodoo came from Mandy Pandy - and he in turn blagged it from some 'Management Consultancy for Dummies' manual. Tvvat.

Just stunning - but frankly nothing more than we've come to expect from this snivelling shower of shysters.

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