Gordon Brown - Wartime Courage

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by wild_moose, Apr 12, 2009.

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  1. Came across this book in Watersones that everyone's favourite PM has written about ten stories of courage during WW2.

    Looked ok at first glance but the Amazon reviews are a bit mixed - anyone read it who could comment?

    Can't buy it myself as I'm banned from buying any more books until I've read my lest 12 purchases!

  2. Am I right to assume he will be making money from a book about courage by those he sent to an illegal war?
  3. Er - only if he was Winston Churchill in a previous life. Books about WW2, 1939-1945.
  4. Gordon brown talking about courage only makes me think of the old addage

    "If you have to tell someone you have class, you don't"

    His time in government has been marked by profound cowardice. i couldn't stomach the hypocracy, even though i guess he probably hasn't even read it, let alone wrote any of it.
  5. Quite, a cynical, ghost-written attempt to secure spineless Gordon some reflected glory to bask in - in much the same vein as chummying up to 'celebrities'. Are royalties going to Service charities? No, thought not. In which case, not one penny of my money will be wasted on such a book.
  6. And amusing to read the 2 reviews below. One clearly by a Party lickspittle, the second by someone who wasted their time buying it and reading it. In light of the current discussions about 'spin', the first review is the most outrageous piece of sickening arrse-kissing I have seen in a long time and is so clearly, clearly just a party puff-piece to make Gordo appear less autistic than he clearly is.

  7. If he was so moved and empathetic with these heroes why is it that he wants to sell short this generation's heroes? Why doesn't he take over and fully fund the care and rehabilitation of our wounded? You honour their sacrifice and their memory best by ensuring the best for the current generation and letting their stories inspire and motivate the next.
  8. 'Gordon Brown - Wartime Courage'

    What an oxymoron.
  9. Then I was right to wrongly assume. Thank you.

    Should a man of his calibre not be writing about any subject other than courage? When did he get time to write this book? I thought he had quite an importanat job to do.