Gordon Brown - Useless (Again)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. Stood there with George Bush on the day they repatriated 5 blokes from Afghanistan and he can't even get the units name right, I thought I'd misheard him at first but no, he even fcuked that up. He called them something along the lines of 2nd Parachute Regiment. What hope have the troops got when the so called Boss can't even get their unit titles right.
    Fcuking Biff.
  2. No hope have we.
  3. What a complete arrse he is, he said 2nd Paratroop Regiment.
  4. You all seem suprised that he can't get military facts right, why would he? He has total contempt for the Armed Forces and always has had, therefore no interest in getting that sort of detail right.
  5. he is a one eyed CnutFcuk in need of a serious debrief mit Shovel GS...fcuking hate him and hope he flips out soon the fcuktard shittebag
  6. I'll bet he can get a claim form right though
  7. Well, the man's a w@nker so tis to be expected. He's the cnut responsible for the economical pile of dog sh1t we now find our country wallowing in. I also hear he's about to spend a fortune on a nice new aircraft for himself.. out of our money naturally.

    On another note, the death of so many lads from the same unit in one week did start me thinking... the lads must be taking it to em and once again demonstrating they earn that warrior reputation... put a lump in my throat thinking about it to be honest.