Gordon Brown - Tony Bliar Whats the difference?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rubicon, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. Tony Blair – Gordon Brown what’s the difference. Brown said he would make major announcements to Parliament but just like Bliar he picks his moment on the World stage by cynically making the announcement on a visit to the guys in Basra. Not only does he do that but he then double counts the the numbers by including previous figures in his new total of a 1,000 troop reduction. The mans a twister and liar on the same scale as Bliar!

    A general election in the offing and a cold calculated use of British Troops to try and bolster his election chances and this from a man who hates the military!

    Vote Labour – I’d rather do another OP Tour!
  2. Very little!

    One was a dishonest grinning spiv and the other is a dishonest, thieving git!

    Sorry, cannot at this stage of gin absorbtion be more specific!
  3. I'm quite surprised that the Conservatives haven't already considered advertising of Blair and Brown together all smiling and happy, well as smiling and happy as Broon ever gets outside of raising tax revenues, under the caption of something along the lines of 'Spot the Difference' or similar. Since he seems to be doing everything possible to divorce himself of past culpability in the previous Blair government it seems like an easy win for them.
  4. . . . . .and Boy Dave didn't pick His moment to make the badly costed Inheritance tax garbage.?
  5. Give me 'boy Dave' over the lying Scottish Prime Minister Flip Flop who hasn't got a principle in his body. PM Flip flop will twist and turn a policy whichever way he thinks will get him elected.

    Total tosser and Sven thought he would save the country – yeah right.!
  6. One's gone already and the other, hopefully gets closer to the door by the day....
  7. If Davey boy puts the threshold for inheritance Tax up to £1m - it gets my vote. I must tell my Mum not to pop her clogs until the Tories get in - however long that might be! :D
  8. Difference? One's a Scot the other was educated in Scotland....take your pick.

  9. Nope... quite right there Sven, he was a bit late really, they (the Conservative's) should have done it the last time round... along with some decent spreading of 'labour sleaze' like Bliar did to the Conservatives in 97, there was and still is enough going round to sink a battleship....

    Just a thought, but how long before Brown puts the Conservative Manifesto, or parts from it on the table, lightly massaged and re-badged as his?
  10. If I was going for Prime Minister

    this is how I would go about it.

    raise Inheritance Tax Threshold with a view to abolishing it eventually.

    scrap Council Tax, introduce a Local Tax via the Payroll to be adminsitered by Local Authority Cleaing Houses to be distributed to these councils where the Tax Payer live in, you pay according to your income.

    rescue 125,000 Pensioners who where left high and dry, using abandoned funds, savings and govt money to assist them, it cost a lot less than the money thrown at Northern Rock and the Iraqi war.

    Increase tax relief for for Pension funds.

    Scrap the Human Rights Act

    Make it a treasonable offence with loss of Citizenship and deportation for Insulting Britian, the Queen, the Democratic insitution this Nation was built on, threatening Death to unbelievers of any particular religion.

    Honour Killings are unacceptable and anyone committing it will be Hanged this will be applied retrospectively including other murderers.

    No Passport No entry go back to France, a 10 year Moratorum on asylum seekers coming from France, that is the nearest safe country claim there and from elsewhere, No plane Hijackers is to get asylum either, so we can start to sort the backlog of the ones we have here at the moment.

    Immigrants and Chavs work for your Dole or leave, pride in Britain starts here, cleaning the Streets, Cleaning up Graffitti, trimming trees, Tidying and repairing Parks and public facilities, any refusal will result in deportation, no pride in Britain no stay.

    All future British Nationalised Citizens is to serve a probationary period of 2 years after getting Passports, good command of English Language is a legal requiement to become a Citizen, points system to be introduced, plus for skills, language, proof of Cultural integration is also a legal requirement to retain citizenship, any ghettoing will cost you citizenship and deportation, keep your home culture in the house, restaurants, place of worship, fine, it will also a legal requirement to prominently display the Union Flag in these places as well as in all public buildings of whatever ethnic origin as well as Government Buildings, The Courts and any local authority property.

    the pledge will be modified to "Serve Her Majesty the Queen, Her heir and successors, Defend the British way of life, its freedom, Law and History" this will be recited every morning in Schools, University, Courts, Sport events, othe rpublic events deemd suitable.

    Scrap road tax put it on Fuel, freeze fuel duty to match, this will make it harder to avoid, the more you use the more you pay to keep the roads in good repair.

    bolster Police Numbers, reduce PACE paperwork, go back to sensible Policing that really worked, Local Bobbies to be responsable for their own patch and to get to know everybody in that neighbourhood, with Mobile Back up when required, anything odd will be immediately noticed and acted on, allow Police to use common sense, clipping a kids round the ear for misbehaving is permitted with no comebacks.

    Allow Teacher to use physical punishments if neccessary, return to Traditional Teaching methods, reintroduce Technical and Prep schools for specialist skills, reintroduce assisted place for skilled and gifted from poor backgrounds, reintroduce student grants and scrap student loans, with the proviso that they go on relevent and useful skilled courses, that will benefit the economy, no mickey mouse courses also they must complete the course, if they drop out or leave the country within 4 years they must be pay back all this money and if leaving the country the whole cost of the course.

    also teachers of all sex will be allowed anonymity in all cases of sexual allegations or abuse, where found guilty be named and shamed, if found innocent the offending pupils is to be named and shamed as well as expelled while protecting the indentity of the Teacher, this also applies to Youth Workers.

    reduce the compensation culture, by introducing a Law that risky activities will be excempt where it is beneficial to the public, to students and children, in entertainment an dpleasure activities all tickets to events must have a disclaimer atteh back stateing all activities contain risk and danger as applicable, your acceptance of this ticket states you have read the safety notice board and understand it and absolves every one from any claim.

    Troops out of Iraq when feasable, Afghanistan is worth saving, more funding for forces, more support for the Cadet Movement and expanding it.

    Offer British Citzenship to all white Zimbabweans and South Africans with skills as well as those under threat of death.

    referendum of EU consitution also Scottish and Welsh independence, if the vote is no, the respective Parliament and assembly will be scrapped and all functions to be returned to Westminster, we don't need all these extra layers of Civil servants administration and buildings.

    withdraw from the Olympics 2012 building project, offer it to another country instead, it is one big white elephant.

    Reduce speed cameras, resite them to outside Hospitals, Schools, Old People homes, increase the fine to £100 for speeding outside those places, reinstate Traffic police officers.

    scrap air tax, encourage travel to broaden our citizens mind and experience.

    reinstate Married and cohabiting couples allowances, improve benefits for the severely disabled who are totally unable to work so they can at least have a quality of life instead of living in Poverty.

    I could think of more, al these are sensible policies , not "hug a hoodie" bollocks
  11. The mouth...
  12. Gordon does not try to be your bestest bestest mate ever, he just thinks knows what is best for you..... forever. I really don't like the man or his party despite having voted them in in 97, but I have to say it is such a relief not to have that cnut Bliars voice or face on the media
  13. Semper, you get my vote, where do I sign?

    BTW, I have no interest in being appraised of the folly of my choice, thank you. Old dog, new tricks etc.
  14. A_J, I think most who voted for them in '97 did so out of desperation at declining leadership from the other lot.
  15. Semper, that is a well thought out and balanced view of what should happen. When or if you decide to run, you'll get my vote.