Gordon Brown - The Wizard of Oz

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pasty Boy, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. Just as we get the pre-budget report (no debate yet here on ARRSE) there was an interesting article in today's Times on Gordon Brown, quite long but worth the read


    Whilst I know that this is the Conservative point of view, there are quite a few salient points made that don't make him look quite as good as he thinks he is.
  2. I've been saying that since before the last general election.
  3. Osborne is a tosser. A good look at the facts shows that Brown has been a poor Chancelor ever since he stopped following Clarkes policies. Other tories have said this, perhaps Osborne was still playing with himself when they did so.
  4. Seen this else were goes with the wizard of Oz theme....somewere over the rainbow! :x
    Green tax bollocks consider the following only Yellow to go.
    Red - Road
    Orange - Oil (taxed virtually moment it comes ashore)
    Yellow - ??
    Green - flying
    Blue - buying anything
    Indigo - income insurance premium or inheritance
    Violet - VAT
  5. As I have said before.Just give any Labour Chancellor time and he'll revert to basics.
    Tax and Spend.
    Tax All and Spend on F-all.
  6. He has generously extended child benefit to the unborn though. The man's largesse knows no bounds.
  7. Gordon Brown has been running bogus fiscal policies all propped up by accounting tricks for years. Every time you read about "Tax Fairness" and Anti-Tax Avoidance measures some BS projection of the "extra" tax Revenues to be gained is stuffed into the projections to justify more being spent.

    But it is rubbish because that is like sticking a speed camera set at 30mph on a previously 60mph limit road and then expecting to make loads of money because people will just keep driving past at 60mph!

    But what has really knackered things is that the Treasury has known that North Sea Oil Revenues are in decline in part thanks to stupid tax policies. But excessive projections kept being made. Now he has nowhere to hide.


    Tax and Spend, Tax and Spend. Every Labour Government does this and each generation of voters has to learn the hard way how bad these tossers really are.
  8. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Don't forget that Gordon Brown, like Bliar, is a master of the headline grabbing sound bite which is then followed by no action.

    In 2004 He announced the expansion of the Combined cadet Force into every state secondary school as his aim.

    he then gave no money.

    In Feb 2006 he demanded that the private sector fund this expansion as part of their community support.

    To date New labour/HMG have not provided fubding to establish any new state CCFs that i am aware of. Another lie based sound bite.
  9. He is very simply a self glorifying arrogant liar who deserves to be moored in a deflating dinghy to the old man of Hoy!
  10. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Playing the statistics game.

    There are 4230 state run secondary schools in the UK according to TES, so if each one that does not have a CCF opened one with Government/State funding then that would be an additional 4,000 plus jobs for ex military people in the CCF sector.

    Now let me think, average salary + costs per post of £30K per annum plus set up costs that equals........errr....let me see.......a fraction of the money being spent on invented posts such as equality advisors, 5 a day vegetable advisors, consultants, breast feeding advisors, and all the services involved in keeping bored kids locked up because they have no role model and no idea of social responsibility.

    It seems that Gordon The Financially Astute could save a lot more money by opening a few more CCFs as he promised.
  11. Yes, we did have a small fiscal surplus of several billions which Brown invested in the Japanese Yen' a few weeks before that currency collapsed on the international money market!

    Very astute is our Gordon

    We only got to hear about it on the Saturday Lecture on BBC Radio 4's 'Today' programme just before the 'Saturday Lecture' was 'pulled' by the BBC.

    The silence surrounding this faux pas has been deafening ever since

    Regards and best wishes
  12. Didn't he mastermind a similar cunning plan by selling off our gold reserves - shortly before the gold price went through the roof? If this guy worked in the private sector - he wouldn't be working in the private sector.

    Never mind. At least we're enjoying the longest period of sustained growth since the dawn of time. Those guys who have just lost their jobs as the Burberry factory packs up and moves to China have never had it so good.

  13. Wouldn't be so bad if was just tax and spend - but its borrow and spend too.

    £40 bn a year government borowing.
    £50 bn a year trade deficit.
    £several bn to pay back on PFI initiatives.
    £1,050 bn 'secured' consumer credit.
    £200 bn unsecured consumer credit.

    Rearrange the words 'bubble' and 'South Sea' into a well known phrase that sums up our current position.


  14. And don't forget that half our gold reserves were sold off just before the gold-price doubled. Someone is sitting on a hefty profit there, and its not HMG.

    Very astute is our Gordon

  15. I am sure that it is Labour Policy to commit the next generation to pay for the 'Luxuries' of today.
    I was dragged up as Labour and over the years came to detest their system.
    The want the populace to be dependant on 'Hand' outs from the central government and not rely on the natural abilities of the UK people.
    Gold an old through back if UK is your only world. Live in the Mid or Far East and Gold Rules above all.