Gordon Brown the man who robbed your old age

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. This makes my piss steam ! all the problem from scrapping tax credits and reliefs in 1997 has come home to roost.

    this man should NOT become Prime Minster he is worse than Blair, if that were possible.

  2. He's a crafty cunt though and will get away with this because for most people it won't be noticed for years, if at all
  3. This guy brown is a fecking tw*t! He is the devil in disguise! He eats babies!

    The amount of borrowing he has incurred to fund his careless spending is phenomenal. We and our children will spend our lifetimes sorting out the debt of this government.

    He has spent billions on public services with no improvement!
    He has given billions to immigrants and unemployables.
    He has raided the hard earned pension funds of tens of thousands of working Brits.
    He has raised taxes to an all time high and made millions more dependant on the state.
    He has made businesses in this country uncompetitive so we are no at the mercy of the chinese/indian manufacturing industry.
    He has allowed house prices to rise faster and more than any other chancellor so our children cannot afford to buy a semi-decent first home without inherited cash.
    He has not raised the tax-free allowance since 1997 (another tax rise)
    Inheritance tax................don't get me started.

    He is a criminal who is utterly ruthless. Meanwhile he has allowed ministers pensions to rise astronomically. Their pensions are 10 times better than forces pensions and we don't see many politicians getting blown up in Stan/Iraq.

    He is also very ugly. I am Scottish and he is no longer welcome north of the border.

    Apart from that I wish him well

  4. Much as I also hate the cunt I will have to disagree with you here.

    Your arguments are not consistent.

    He has raised personal allowances.

    He has little control over house prices and you complain of the impossibility of buying a house without inherited money.

    Both are problems but how does this square with your objection to inheritance tax? There is little better way of levelling the playing field when it comes to inherited money. The only better way of controlling this (and simultaneously house price inflation) is to levy capital gains tax on the principal residence.

    Most people who have an objection to inheritance tax come out with something like "why should I be taxed twice? I already paid tax when I earned it". This rather overlooks the fact that (a) you are dead and so cannot really be said to paying the tax and (b) you have not already paid tax on it, as most of your estate will likely be your house, most of the value of which isdue to inflation; it is unlikely that your taxed income paid for more than a fraction of it. Furthermore, which other source of income (from the perspective of your beneficiaries) allows you to earn £280,000 or whatever it is now tax-free before hitting the 40% bracket, and why should this unearned income (from the perspective of your beneficiaries) be so generoulsy treated? I.e. why should I get hammered on the money I earn from my own graft while those are lucky enough to have affluent parents be entitled to unearned income at such a low tax rate? Hardly an incentive to graft or meritocratic is it?

    Which brings us back to the difficulty of buying a house without an inheritance.

    Yet you want a tax system that favours those who do inherit over those who have to work for it themselves - ?
  5. So when are you due to pay your renewal to the labour party club?

    Most inherited wealth now comes from generations who have bought their properties and passed it on to the next generation, mainly starting in the post war years, this has slowly generated a new wealth in brown and blue collar workers (not that I like this term), this obviously scares the sh£t out of the politicos, that the common man may have some money and independence from Westminster. Inheritance tax has not been kept in line with the actual growth of the underlying capital wealth of the average man/woman and is now used to tax those who have bought and saved (encouraged by prev govs). Now there are ways around it, gifts over a period of years, trust fund etc (this is not just for the financial elite now), but many people do not think or act this way are now penalised for this.

    People reading this who think they are too young for this to matter, bare in mind your parents hard earned house and savings, god forbid they should die tmw will be liable to almost 30% going to the government for the honor of dying, and you have to cough up the tax first, before getting your hands on the capital left, ok you can get a loan/bridging loan, this accrues interest which yes you guessed it attracts interest and tax(again), so thank you Mr Brown for taxing us even more in death.

    Rant Over
  6. I can't afford a house now!
  7. That's true but he cunningly raises them by less than inflation. This so-called 'fiscal drag' is a very nice little earner indeed.

    The real problems occur when you choose to live with someone that you are not married to, as one of my friends found out when her partner was killed in a road accident. She lost her home as well as her partner.

    Inheritance tax is an obscenity worthy of medieval robber barons.
  8. Inheritance tax was originally designed for only the very richest of society. Over the years the threshold hasn't been adjusted for inflation, so that we now have a state of affairs in which more and more people fall foul of it.

    Decent, hard-working, comfortably-off people (who have earned every penny of their assets through their own labours) are now not allowed to pass it all on to their offspring because they exceed the ridiculously low threshold for Inheritance Tax.

    More free money for Gordon. Makes the blood boil, it really does. We're talking about a terraced cottage in the Pennines here, not a country seat with dozens of acres.
  9. Not only is the greedy, dour faced, humourless tw@t after levying 40% on any estate above £285.000 (lets not forget that this will soon be the average house price soon!!!!; taxed initially on your capital to buy it, taxed at 3% stamp duty for purchasing it, and then your dependants are taxed again when you peg it), he was also responsible for this dispicable money grab.

  10. I read that he's had over 100 BILLION quid out of our pension funds since he started taxing them when labour were elected. Strangely enough, that's about the same amount as the total deficit that FTSE 100 companies have in their pension funds.

    I'm told that having soaked the middle classes, the North Sea oil industry and our pensions, he now has his eye on the City of London to plug the gap in the public finances. The City have raised two fingers and advised him that they will relocate abroad if he pushes his luck.
  11. Why is it that those of us who work hard are hammered by the tax system of this government , the same government who gives so much to those who have no intention of working and have never contributed a penny to the system.

  12. Any chance of a cut n paste? No BBC here.
  13. The British middle classes are leaving in droves! Most people now see through Gordon Brown and despite his best stealthiest moves, the plebs are beginning to open their eyes.

    Gordon Brown is not the devil, he is the man sat on the devil's shoulder telling him to be naughty!