Gordon Brown 'targeted by Sunday Times'.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by amazing__lobster, Jul 11, 2011.

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  1. It's only allegations at this point, but it doesn't suit well for Murdoch. (btw - can't work out how to make this look like a quote).

    "The Sunday Times is alleged to have targeted the personal information of the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the time he was chancellor, a BBC investigation has found.

    Documents and a phone recording suggest "blagging" was used to obtain private financial and property details.

    The Browns also fear medical records relating to their son Fraser, whom the Sun revealed in 2006 had cystic fibrosis, may have been obtained.

    News International is yet to respond.

    The company owns the Sun and the Sunday Times, and also owned the News of the World which was shut last week amid allegations of phone-hacking and illegal payments to police officers."

    BBC News - Gordon Brown 'targeted by Sunday Times'

    Edit: see this is being discussed on the NotW thread, but thought the Time's will probably need it's own thread now, too.
  2. I wish they'd slotted the ****.
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  3. And the myopic fuckwit chooses to 'reveal' this now.....
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  4. Very curious but oh so convenient timing, n'est pas?

    Hell hath no fury like a Cyclops scorned.
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  5. Just seen this in the comments section over at Guido's

    In October 2006, the then editor of the Sun, Rebekah Brooks, contacted the Browns to tell them that they had obtained details from the medical file of their four-month-old son, Fraser, which revealed that the boy was suffering from cystic fibrosis.

    News International papers targeted Gordon Brown | Media | guardian.co.uk

    So why wait until 2011 to do something about it?

    And one year later Sarah invited Rebekah to a slumber party at Chequers?

    Im half tempted to phone up the BBC and give them the 'scoop' that during his reign Gordon 'no more boom and bust' Brown hacked my ****ing bank account.
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  6. Why the **** didn't the idiots publish the fact he was a mentally unstable incompetant BEFORE he sold the gold and cocked up the rest of our economy, tantamount to collusion IMHO :-(
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  7. His timing couldn't have been better. I hope it's all true and that he puts the boot right into them. I'm hoping that there'll be some shit in amongst this recent 'revelation' which points to Blair doing Brown's legs. We've all suspected it happened and it was touched on once or twice by the press but died a death pretty quickly. Much as I want to see Cameron looking a complete **** over Miliband's claim that Cameron's story about Coulson doesn't add up, I would so love to see Blair exposed for what we all believed he was...oh, and his big grinning wife as well. I hope she features. I despise the ****ing lot of them.
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  8. How do non celebs/members of the public find out if they too have been hacked? Is there an address/organisation to report it to?
  9. I just had a quick search for the book cited as being the source for this - it was published in 2008. Probably just going to make headlines now as it wasn't very topical before.
  10. That's a fair point and if he was proved to be deluded if we get a note from his psychiatrist can we have our gold back
  11. A bit of phone and bank account hacking doesn't do any harm. Way back in the early days of the last labour govt, when I was working as a consultant for the EC I was sent to investigate how effective demining (and the funding thereof) was in several countries. Naturally there was room for improvement and I reported as such. In fact an EC consultancy group that I was a member of reported some financial, erm, inconsistencies in some places and downright fraud in Bosnia. The EC tightened up their act (give them their due they did), but that left DFID the odd one out. No financial discipline or transparent controls ... anyway since I had rocked their boat I was targeted, emails hacked, voice mail hacked, internet disrupted, house burgled. Luckily I also have friends in strange places who were not at all happy about security assets being used for the oppression of honest citizens, so I survived. Sounds like fantasy doesn't it? I guess we will never know just how ****ing disgusting the Blair / Brown governments were.
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  12. Don't be silly the police will say its a civil offence and we have to sue him. It would take years, probably 30 years. He would automatically get legal aid of course.
  13. News International is the scandal that just keeps on giving. I've a feeling that a good part of the last decade's political skullduggery and double dealing is about to be spectacularly unravelled.

    The best case outcome will see the reputations of certain major political figures finally trodden into the dirt, News International's influence on politics severely weakened and so many corrupt shits jailed, that they will be throwing barbed wire around old RAF camps just to house them.
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  14. I wondered that, but since no ****** rings me anyway I reckon I'll be OK. Are you important enough to figure on their radar? ;-)
  15. As for Broon - public interest, so he can **** off. Shame that they tried to get info on his sprog, though.

    Hacking a mobile is very easy and pretty pointless most of the time. Imagine someone like Victor Bout leaving a message on your mobile about the 500 RPGs he's deposited in your warehouse in Somalia. Ain't going to happen.

    Celeb stuff is easier. They leave messages about arse transplants and liposuction on each other's mobiles all the time.

    As for 'a number to call' in the event of complaint, try 0207 782 4000